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I wish I were a better photographer, because this gorgeous shade of kelly green should be properly documented.


That one’s closer to the real color.

I really, really love this blouse–the color makes me so happy, the contrast fabric is so pretty, it feels really comfy, and it looks pretty decent, too!

I got the green “linen look” fabric at Seattle ReCreative and there was only about a yard of it.  I didn’t bother to do a burn test on it, but judging by the its sheen and drape, I would guess it’s a rayon blend, maybe rayon and polyester?  The contrast fabric is a quilting cotton.


Marking the fabric for all the tucks was a bit of a trial, since my marking pen didn’t show up on it and I didn’t want to use pencil on the right side.  I wound up doing tailor’s tacks and drawing my fold lines with chalk.


(Despite how it may appear–since I seem to always pick patterns with tucks of some sort or the other–marking fabric has to be my least favorite part of sewing.)

The fabric frays like CRAZY, but I thought French seams (my usual) might be a bit too bulky, so I decided to finish the seams with more bias strips of the contrast fabric.


The combination of the two fabrics was so gorgeous, having those lovely finished seams to look at felt like giving myself a secret little present.

I sewed these all by hand because I seriously don’t know how people machine sew on bias tape and have it come out looking good on both sides.  I guess I’m sloppier with measuring than I think I am, or something?  This is an eternal mystery to me.


My difficult relationship with collars continued on this project.  I was unpicking a thread nest that formed while I was top stitching the collar and managed to cut a hole in the fabric near the collar seam (sigh–I need new glasses).  I initially thought I’d have to start over with it, but then realized I could just turn the collar inside-out again and re-sew the seam a quarter inch away from the original seam line.  Luckily, this pattern has a pretty big collar and it came out looking fine.


I like the fit on this, though I know it’s a bit looser than the fashion right now.  A little looser fit is just more comfortable to wear and I really hate constricting clothing.

I decided to use the same pattern again for the Yellow Submarine blouse–but with sleeves this time–and I’m about half finished with that as I write this.  And, yes, I managed to mangle the collar on that one, too.