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Now that I’ve actually been blogging for a full year, I thought maybe I’d join in with the end-of-year business happening over at Crafting a Rainbow.  Thank you, Gillian, for the prompt and the inspiration!

I have to say, despite being kind of a lousy year overall, 2015 has been a GREAT sewing year for me–maybe my best ever!  I’ve made so much progress toward the place I want to be:  forming an idea in my head of what I want to make and then having the skills to turn that into a finished garment that fits and feels good.  And I’ve added lots of skills this year, including getting more experience working with knits and learning new quilting techniques.

Here are my top 5 hits of 2015, in no particular order:

1. My Summer Crush Shirtdress.

Looks good and feels good!


2.  My first Ticker Tape Quilt.

SUCH a fun technique!  I’ve got this in my bathroom and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

I made 5 quilts this year (!!?!), and the best thing about that is that every one used different techniques–hand applique, machine applique, new methods of marking and quilting,  and hand embroidery, very traditional to very modern.   I’m proud of that.


3.  My purple gauze blouse.



4.  My sewing tool organizer.

You guys, being able to find stuff, IT IS MAGICAL.

And having a place to store things MAKES YOU PUT THEM AWAY.


5.  My green springy blouse.

I love the details and finish on this.  I finished the inside seams just to please myself, which is something I’m just learning to do, so this feels like a step forward.



As for misses, I’m kind of amazed to say that I had NO WADDERS this year!  I had a few things that I think I could have done a better job on, such as this patchwork tote, but I think I’ve gotten much better at tasks like matching fabrics to patterns and choosing the right size to cut, the things that you have to get right to avoid wadders.

But, more importantly, sewing and quilting and crafting have really helped to keep me going during this difficult year.  A lot has gone wrong and many things have been hard to cope with, but making things that I can be proud of has been a powerful and healing thing for me.  I don’t really do resolutions, but I plan to keep on making things, learning new skills, trying new techniques, and getting better at all of it as I go.

I hope that 2016 is a year of health, growth, peace, and happiness for all of you.  Many, many thanks to all who read, like, and comment on what I do here; it’s such a pleasure to have you here.

Hugs to you,