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(For the uninitiated, Sunday Sevens is a weekly series of posts with seven-or-so pics from our week’s activities.  Natalie is our facilitator, enabler, and Fearless Leader.)

I was SO tired of the exercise DVD I’ve been using and wanted something with more upper-body work, so I tried this one a couple of times this week.


Am I the only one who feels like a moron when she tries to do aerobics?  I get my arms and legs all tangled up and can’t figure out how to get from one movement to another . . . it’s not pretty.  I’m getting better each time I do it, though, and was surprised to find I had more upper-body strength than I thought–was able to do the workout with 7-pound weights with minimal pain in the days afterward.

Made a lovely pizza with the andouille sausage I bought in Olympia.  I might try this recipe next time with fresh tomato instead of roasted.

Yes, my pizzas are always amoeba-shaped.


Another walk with my mother this week along the banks of the Columbia River.

I’ve been slacking off on using sunscreen–must get better at that!


Bonus picture because COLOR–brand new lime green foliage against that blue, blue sky.


Grilled jerk chicken sandwiches using this marinade.  I liked the BBQ sauce in the recipe, but found it to be too much with the spicy chicken; I’m saving it for marinating more chicken this coming week.


Tucks and facing done in my blouse fronts, darts done in the back.

Man, if you like marking fabric, B6026 is your pattern.


I’m considering using another pattern with the “Yellow Submarine” fabric, just because I’m not sure it’s worth it going through the hassle to make all those tucks on such a wild fabric.


More sewing in the works today, as well as roasting a chicken for dinner.

Have a fabulous, colorful week, everybody.