Using up those scraps, one 2 1/2″ square at a time.

(WIP=work in progress)

Various projects in various states today.  Because I am that sort of person, let’s start with the end first.  Picture above is of my sister’s birthday present, which I’ve been finishing up today.  Just a sneak peek until I give it to her tomorrow.  This color palette is a little bit unusual for me, but I feel like it really worked.

Next up is finishing this, which is the baby quilt commission for a co-worker of my sister’s.  I got about halfway through it, then got distracted by about 12 other shiny objects, but I need to get it finished.  It’s got the big blueberries on one side, small blueberries on the other, and a blue border on both.  This will have cross hatch quilting and a ruffle when done.


And this one is still in its beginning state; this is the flannel I bought for my niece’s baby quilt.  The pattern is here and I think it will be really cute with a couple of borders as a baby quilt.  The white with green spots will be the background for the applique, and the elephant fabric will be the backing (may very well be the elephant on the front as well).  My mother was with me when I bought this and did NOT approve, but I think it’s adorable.


I think the baby is due in July, so I might put this off a bit . . . I think I may need a fun project after I finish the blueberry quilt.  I’ve got my fabric cataloguing to do (why yes, this does qualify as a fun project, doesn’t everybody get excited about databases and spreadsheets?), but there may also be some springy sewing for me.  It’s been a stressful couple of weeks, I’ve been fighting the jerkbrain like crazy, so maybe it’s time.   I have this really cool plaid I’ve been thinking about . . . .

Anyway, here’s a song to listen to in case you’re also in a battle with the jerkbrain.  “Leave what’s heavy behind,” feels very much like what I’m working on these days.