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Very soggy Hoover Park in Newberg, OR.

Still catching up on my pictures in this edition of Sunday Sevens; some of these are actually from last weekend, which was spent in Oregon.  As always, all credit to Natalie from Threads and Bobbins for coming up with the Sunday Sevens idea and giving us something to do with all those random pictures we take.

On Friday, my honey and I headed down to Newberg, Oregon, so that he could do a 200k bike ride with the Oregon Randonneurs (that website is terribly unhelpful, but randonneuring is a type of long-distance, non-competitive, self-supported cycling; a basic introduction is here and a slightly odd–why the marching music?–look at what it’s like to do one of these rides is here).  He’s signed up to do the London-Edinburgh-London ride this summer and a LOT of training needs to happen between now and July.

While he was off doing that on Saturday, I took a walk around and stopped at Hoover Park  (Newberg has the somewhat dubious distinction of being the birthplace of President Herbert Hoover).  This part of Oregon is still firmly in monsoon season and the park is sort of bowl-shaped, so the ground was muddy, saturated, and slippery with leaves.


I was just happy to see some green, though.


Did not manage to get a picture of the hobbits that surely live here.


I also stopped at the Goodwill there, which for some reason has GREAT fabric; last summer, I picked up this fabulous flannel there.  Look at the summery goodies I found this time!  White gauze tablecloth, white eyelet curtain, and this amazing flowered cotton knit!


Total luck–opened the hotel room curtains and caught this guy snacking on the berries in the tree outside.


Back in eastern Washington, I joined a couple hundred other folks in Richland for an International Women’s Day rally.  Best moment:  a toddler in a red dress wandered up to the stage, picked up one of those signs, and walked off with it.  When she turned around, we could see that it read “Children Before Corporations.”  Big cheer from the crowd.


Another Goodwill find:  a new home for the stash!  I have had ENOUGH of moving bins to get to the one on the bottom.


And, finally, dinner:  I have introduced the Resident Englishman to another venerable American food tradition, the Tater Tot Hotdish (albeit an unusual version).  #Murica


Busy week ahead.  Among other things, I’m working on a birthday present for my sister and need to also finish up the commissioned baby quilt ASAP.  I hope you all have an excellent week, get the important things done, and also make room for the fun things.