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Welcome to spring in the western U.S.

This week has been full of signs of spring!  Like the tumbleweed above, because spring in eastern Washington is WINDY, and this fine specimen blew onto our back patio the other day.

Did I ever tell you about the former co-worker of mine who went out driving in his pick-up on a windy day?  Just for fun, he tried to see how many tumbleweeds he could hit with his vehicle (if you hit them just right, they kind of explode).  The problem is, he wasn’t wearing his glasses at the time, and he wound up having to spend the rest of the day underneath his truck, picking porcupine spines out of the engine with pliers.  Hmmm . . . .


Spring also means Pi Day, and since my partner is trying to avoid sugar at the moment, I went for a ground beef pie with lots of vegetables and a puff pastry crust.  A bit soupy–too many mushrooms and too little patience to cook off the excess liquid–but delicious.


I have all these cool black and white fabrics, and I was so happy to get to use them here.

My sister’s birthday is today, so I made her this zipper bag using all stash materials.  The bag is supposed to have a bee applique on this side, but I fell in love with my patchwork here and couldn’t cover it up.  So the bee went on the other side.


Here’s the inside:


The nights are a bit warmer these days, so it was time to shift to the spring bedding.  The cats bid a fond farewell to the comforter with its red flannel cover.


And hello to the new green flannel sheets I bought during the January white sales.



Friday was the monthly Friday Night Sew-In and I worked on this.  You may notice that this is not the baby quilt I was supposed to be sewing this weekend.  My only excuse is that the gray, soggy weather made me want to sew something summery.


And today, I went to Joann’s to take advantage of the pattern sale and came away with this:


Yep, fleece remnants again.  But that green!  And the two together were about $4 for 1 1/2 yards.  I think these are going to get washed and put away for fall sewing.  Or maybe I’ll just leave them out where I can admire them.

As always, all credit to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for getting Sunday Sevens started.  Have a great week, everybody!


ETA:  A little tumbleweed context–probably the only place that most people have ever seen one: