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You want to watch where you step in eastern Washington (taken at a rest stop between Yakima and Ellensburg).

Well, I didn’t really intend to, but I managed to let two weeks go between posts.  I’m still here, though, and still sewing, so let’s see how I did on my last list.


  • Finish the purple top.



This project made me a little nervous–I was worried the fabric was going to be a nightmare to work with, I didn’t know if the style would work on me, I was unsure about the sizing, etc.  I cut a large, which was a bit of a risk, but the pattern has 5 1/2 inches of ease, so I figured that was plenty; I’m really glad I didn’t just go by my measurements, or this would have been MAMMOTH on me.  And I wasn’t sure what finished length I’d want on this style, so I didn’t shorten the pattern, as I do with pretty much everything.  I wound up cutting off 4 inches at the hem, and it’s still fairly long and drapey.


Oy, I took a record number of bad photos recently.  Blech.

Everything went well until it came time to sew the hems.  The bottom layer was hard enough, but I used my machine’s stretch stitch and rolled hem foot to get it done.  The top layer was a major hassle, though; I made this hem narrower and, for some reason, the sewing machine just didn’t want to move the fabric along, and the stitches wound up tiny.  Partway through, I decided to go to a regular straight stitch, as this part of the shirt really doesn’t need to stretch, anyway.  So I’m a little embarrassed by the way the hem looks, but there’s no way I could rip it out without destroying the fabric.

I’m still loving this top, though.  It’s so soft and cuddly and purple!  I’ve seen so many cheap and nasty jerseys, but this fabric is just lovely, and I love the swingy drape of the style.  And it’s purple!

(Mark your scorecards, everybody–this is my finish #2 for the 2016 Q1 Finish-Along.)

  • Cut out the lining for the jacket.


  • Finish the jacket.

Um, nope.  I actually spent the last week making these:


My partner and I had a table at the Bike Swap in Seattle last weekend, and I decided to make some little zipper bags to sell along with all the bike gear.  Sold a few, gave one to my honey, and the rest will probably go to SCRAP to be sold there.

So, next week’s list:

  • Finish the jacket.

That’s it.  I’m tired of it and I want it finished so I can move on.  I’ve been nervous about it, so I’ve been busily procrastinating away with other projects, but I need to just stop thinking about it and DO IT.  I’ve decided that my reward for finishing it is going to be making my lovely Kaffe Fassett dress.

And I’ll leave you with some recent photos from my travels.


Yep, eastern Washington in February, complete with tumbleweed.  This is a wheat field on a hill above Kennewick; partner and I were scouting possible bike routes.


Interesting tree bark with moss from a walk with my mother near the fishing pond in Columbia Park.


Snowy hills outside Ellensburg on our way to Seattle.


Obligatory tourist shot, taken on a very soggy, gray Seattle day.


Needed to get a little color in there!  This is the Experience Music Project, which was very busy, despite the weather.

Have a great week everybody, and I hope you’re feeling bright and sunny, even if the weather is gray where you are.  Only two more weeks of February!