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Taken on my walk in Chiawana Park yesterday.

Yeah, Monday, Tuesday–whatever, it’s close enough, right?  🙂

A somewhat better week this time, and I did make some progress on my goals.


  • Complete my self-care checklist every single day.

Done!  Well, not perfect, but much better than before.  And not demanding perfection of yourself is most definitely part of self-care, so I’m calling it a win.

  •   Check the fit on the wool jacket and cut out the lining.

I did check the fit, but I haven’t cut the lining out yet.  Was going to do it yesterday, but decided on a walk instead because the sun was out.  Definitely the right choice.  🙂

  •   Cut out the purple knit top. 

Done!  Not only did I cut it out–using my new pattern weights!–but I’m almost finished sewing it.  I just need to do some hemming and it will be done.

And OMG you guys–wearing this thing is like wearing a FLUFFY PURPLE CLOUD.  New life goal:  never sew any clothing that isn’t Secret Pajamas.  Seriously.

  • Put the binding on the new mug rug I made for my desk last night. 

Done!  And Shelby will now demonstrate the correct use of a quilted mug rug:


(Sorry about the glare from the window–I considered getting up and lowering the blinds, but then I would have lost the shot, and she’s such a cutie.)

Okay, list for next week:

  • Finish the purple top.
  • Cut out the lining for the jacket.
  • Finish the jacket.   Yes, really.  I want this DONE.

If I can get that done, that’ll be two more finishes for the FAL.


I also wanted to share a little fabric PR0N with you guys–guess who got a HUGE box of free fabric from Freecycle the other day?  I could barely lift it!


Here it is all washed and folded.  There are some smaller pieces here, but also fabric cuts up to 4 yards long.


Some of it was a little bit iffy, like these psychedelic zombie teddy bears.


And this stuff, which is JUST SO VERY ME.


But there was also this:


And this!


And this!  (Do they still show this special at Christmastime?  I am getting all the nostalgia feels from this!)


I dunno, some of this may turn into things for my niece’s new baby, or I may just shamelessly hoard it all.  There are a few pieces that can become summer tops, some that will be useful for making muslins (read:  HIDEOUS), and lots of scraps for quilting.  I also put together three grocery bags of fabric for SCRAP, including that shiny snakeskin plastic stuff (can’t believe I let that go).

Have a great week, everybody, and get sewing!