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Look!  New green grass!

I actually took a few pictures this week–I tell ya, my life is a lot more photogenic when it’s not the middle of winter–so I thought I’d do sort of a mash-up, a Frankenpost.

I used to be MUCH better at coloring within the lines, so to speak, but I seem to have less and less inclination to do so the older I get.

So, how did I do this week?  My single goal was to

  •   Finish the jacket.

Nope, but I didn’t really expect to; I just set a high goal to get myself moving.  And I’m really happy with the progress I made on it–many dragons were slain this week!  The pocket bags are on (which was a lot more complicated than it sounds, as I drafted new pieces and attached them in a different way than the pattern specifies), the back pocket is constructed and pinned in place, and the lining pieces have been overlocked and assembled.  More importantly, I worked out a plan for putting the lining in with a minimum of hand-sewing.  The problem I’ve had with lining this thing is that it’s not the kind of jacket that’s normally lined, so the SOPs for jacket-lining don’t really apply.  I’m having to come up with my own method, and I hope it works!

The goals for the coming week:

  • Finish the jacket.  I had my honey try it on this evening and he said he’s very happy with the way it’s coming together.  What’s left to do?  Sew on the back pocket, put in the lining, add elastic to the hem and sleeve hems, and do some topstitching.
  •  Rejoice in my victory.
  •  Resolve to never sew another thing that doesn’t say “quick and easy” on the pattern.  The pattern that I WILL FOLLOW EXACTLY.
  •  Cut out my Kaffee Fassett dress.

On to the fun stuff I did this week, when I wasn’t slaying things.

We had some nice days–sunny and 50s!–so I took a walk on Friday.  These pics are from Chiawana Park, like last time, but walking the other direction, away from the part of the park with the big, old trees.

Lots of brand new grass, as well of clumps of this interesting-looking orange-y stuff.


I took this photo especially for my non-desert-dwelling readers.  It’s pretty windy here in the desert of eastern Washington, and when the wind blows, chain link fences become giant tumbleweed collectors.  That’s a couple of big piles of tumbleweeds stacked up against the fence behind that McMansion.


I wonder what these folks think about having a flock of geese in their backyard.


Because I am obviously a not-at-all-sensible person, I started a new project, just because I wanted to work with some bright, springy colors.  These are the first two blocks from The Splendid Sampler BOM.   I don’t know how many of the 100(!) blocks I’m going to make, or what they’ll eventually become, but I’m liking doing this just for fun in between working on the rather taxing jacket.


Shelby’s discovery that she can get into my scrap bins happened around the same time she decided that putting toys in her water fountain is the MOST FUN GAME EVAR.  This is what I found when I emptied it to change the water (there was actually one more scrap that went straight into the trash).


And another pizza this week!  This is my current favorite combination:  a bit of oil, herbs, spicy Italian sausage, whatever veg we have, marinated artichokes, mozzarella, and a little sprinkle of feta and parmesan.


Have a great week, everybody, and I hope there’s something adding a little bit of color to your life.