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(WIP = Work in Progress)

So last week at this time I was happily dawdling over patterns and fabrics and ways to combine the two.

Then I finished my fabric inventory in Evernote.  And panicked a little bit.  And realized I really needed to get off the damn computer, quit spinning ideas around in my head, and SEW SOMETHING.

So Saturday became Pattern Cutting Day.  I cut Simplicity 8052 (the colorblocked version) out of these:


These actually work better in real life; the knit looks a bit more reddish here than it should.

The one on the right is some sort of drapey synthetic from SCRAP.  I suspect polyester, simply because of those gorgeous colors.

Now here’s the interesting part.  I had wanted to use the poly for the center panel of this blouse, but couldn’t figure out another fabric to match with it (drapey blouse fabric isn’t something I keep around).  I was able to use the “1-2 yds.” tag on my fabric inventory to bring up all the possible candidates and came up with this purple knit that I hadn’t even considered.  I checked the pattern envelope and jersey was one of the recommended fabrics, so I used the purple knit.  That inventory is turning out to be pretty handy!

I also used this pattern to cut my fabulous turquoise curtain fabric:


You may recall this is the pattern I used for my plaid tank; this time, I cut the version with the long sleeves.  I was half a yard short on fabric for that, but I was able to squeeze the pattern pieces on there by changing the cutting layout a bit.  Instead of folding the fabric in half to cut on the front and back pieces on the fold, I just folded it up enough to fit the pieces; that left me enough width to just about cut the sleeves (I didn’t want to piece them because of that big bold print).

Things are also happening on the quilting front.

I recently had to go to the local quilt shop to get a gift and I also managed to come up with a little something for me:



I have two favorite quilts in this book, but decided to start cutting pieces for this one last night:


Is this cool or what?

But I kept hearing this voice in my head telling me how efficient it would be to actually cut BOTH quilts at the same time, since they’re both going to be from my black and white scraps.  And that lap quilt would use up SO MANY scraps . . . .


That’s a whole lotta scraps in there . . . .

I’m a sucker for that whole efficiency nonsense–especially when you combine it with the promise of scrap-busting–so it looks like I’m going to be cutting TWO quilts at the same time.  This is either my best idea ever or my worst.  We’ll see.

Anyway, gotta run.  I have 569 black and white rectangles to cut for that lap quilt, so I may be a while.  😉


UPDATE:  My tube fabric came!

003 (640x480)

There might also have been a yard of some fun flannel.

006 (640x480)


ETA:  I am linking up my Jubilee quilt to the Splash of Color QAL.  I can get that done by January, right?