I thought perhaps us lefty types could use a little good news this morning.

Here we go:

1.  Two statewide “personhood” initiatives were defeated yesterday.

2.  Dallas joined Houston in enacting protection for LGBT employees.

3.  Cities are beginning to turn against fracking.

4.  Alaska, Oregon, and DC have legalized pot.

3.  Washington was the first state to institute universal background checks for gun purchases.  Another initiative, a deceptively-worded one meant to keep the state from enacting any gun control measures, went down.

4.  In my Congressional district, Washington’s 4th, two Republicans were vying for the seat of retiring Rep. Doc Hastings.  At this writing, the “establishment” Republican is in the lead, and the Tea Party wanker is losing.  I’m particularly enjoying this, as the aforementioned wanker, Clint “vote for me because I played football” Didier has been running for various offices here for YEARS.  (I think last time it was “Commissioner of Public Lands.”)  Every election, they bring out the same signs, with a new sticker showing the position he’s running for this time.  He’s lost over and over.  This was Didier’s best opportunity yet, in a heavily Republican district full of Obama-hatred and THEYRETAKINGMYGUNS hysteria, and it looks like he’s going to lose again.

Have a great day, folks.