WIP Wednesday: Colorful Comforts


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007 (309x640)

Look at it go!

WIP = Work in Progress

Content warning:  swears

Happy Thursday!

Just a few pretty pictures for you today, then I have to get back to slaving over that needle.  Yep, it’s true, Xmas presents are still in process here.  I’m not sure what happened this year, but the holiday kind of kicked my butt.  The tree stood for a good  two weeks bare-ass naked before I got some stuff on it, cards didn’t get sent out until today, and at least a couple presents will be late.  Yikes!  Just too much going on this year, I think, and not much energy left over for Xmas prep.

Next week, I’ll have some pictures of finished presents, but today I thought I would look ahead to post-holiday project plans.

My beloved pink pig flannel PJs are starting to (quite literally) fall apart on me, so I’ve been waiting for the winter flannel sales at Joann’s.  Imagine my joy when I discovered the 70% off sale was online as well as in the stores, so I was able to avoid the holiday craziness and still get this lovely red flannel on sale to coordinate with the fun British print I got at the end of the summer.

003 (428x640)

Finding an appropriate pattern took a bit of work, as I wanted to avoid the unisex patterns (and their weird fit issues).  Once I eliminated all the patterns for knits only and the ones that are the classic buttons-up-the-front style (yes, I have a lot of opinions on PJs for a person who doesn’t actually wear them to sleep in), I was left with this:

004 (491x640)

Not super exciting–okay, not at all exciting–but I think some colorblocking is going to happen on these to sex them up a little.  I mean, they’re flannel, so actually sexy isn’t going to happen, but interesting might.

I also had to grab this 3-yard precut piece of flannel while on the Joann’s site, because $2/yard flannel is not something I am strong enough to resist.

005 (640x481)

I was hoping to make a Christmas top out of this–maybe with a half-zip neckline?–but it’s looking like a project for January right now.  Whatever, still a really fun print in the bright colors you need in January.

And, finally, here’s where sewing intersects with mental and physical health.  I’ve written a bit about the problem I have with my legs.  Basically, it’s a progressive, disfiguring condition that requires me to to exercise my legs (walking is best) for an hour nearly every day.  If I don’t, my legs swell, get painful and itchy, and more.  And it has made my relationship with my body even more fraught than it already was in a culture that frankly despises fat women.

So I’m trying to re-commit to that exercise program, for the sake of both my mental and physical health.  And here’s the plot twist, cause I bet you didn’t think this would involve buying myself some leggings!

008 (640x470)

I saw these oh-so-fabulous leggings come up on my Facebook feed as a new item in Mary Engelbreit’s online store, and my first thought was, “OMG I love them so much, and they have them in my size, but I could never wear those flowers on my swollen legs.”  Which meant I had to buy them, of course, because it felt like a gift to myself, an expression of caring for my body, and a big old FU to the haters (including the one in my head).

Which also meant I had to have something equally fabulous to pair with them.  So I searched on Etsy and found a yard of discontinued Mary Engelbreit fabric.  This will get paired with another fabric to make a top to wear with those leggings.   And I will do my best to keep up with that exercise and feel good in my new outfit, even if my legs are still swollen.


Okay, better get back to the present-making.  I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday season.  Take care, don’t stress, and have a great time.



WIP Wednesday: Winter Things


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005 (602x640)

WIP = Work in Progress

Content Warning:  Contains swears.

Happy Wednesday!  In the mood for some random–yet colorful–bits and pieces today?  ‘Cause that’s what’s been happening over here.

First, my honey and I spent last weekend in Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle.  He spent Saturday on his bike (of course), and I spent it with my bestie, the lovely and talented Heidi (I clearly got the better end of that deal).  She presented me with the Amaryllis bulb above in its cheerful red wax coating.  I’d forgotten how nice it is to have something growing (and hopefully blooming) inside in the winter.  That little green shoot has doubled in size in just the last few days . . . .

Among other things, Heidi and I went to the Columbia City Gallery for an exhibit of art made from old Eileen Fisher clothing, and I bought myself a couple of new Xmas ornaments for our tree.  Then we went next door to the EF Renew store and admired the pieced clothing made from old, worn out items.  You’d better believe there was some inspiration happening!


I can’t decide if the felted wedgey thing is the cross-section of a planet or some sort of extra-terrestrial fruit.  Cool either way.


Also, I wanted to show you how the Pusheen top refashion turned out.

If you recall, this was the sad, sad before picture:

006 (591x640)

Can I just mention here that I hate hate hate ribbing?  It just always feels too tight on my wrists and comes up too high on my neck and is just generally terrible.  My mother calls sweatshirts with ribbing at the hem “potatoes” because she says they make her look like a potato.  I know I’m not glamorous and sexy, but I feel like I could probably achieve something better than “potato,” you know?

So off came all the ribbing, the body and sleeves of the shirt were shortened, and I added hem vents, a slit at the neckline, and binding on the neck and hem.  I also took in the side seams at the bust and upper arm a little, as the arm pits of the shirt were weirdly low.

For the neckline, I got some help from this book I picked up when SCRAP closed.

006 (515x640)

(See here also for more recent Mary Mulari sweatshirt-related creativity.)

Lots of good ideas in this book, though this is probably not one of them:

007 (581x640)

Just say no to epaulettes.

THIS, though, is something I would totally do.  Reverse applique and cowl neck!

008 (588x640)

Oh HELL yes.

So here’s what I ended up with:

002 (640x588)

Yep, I cut the sleeves a little too short.  It actually worked out well, though, because I don’t like a lot of extra fabric at my wrists.

Split neck technique from the book.  I machine sewed the binding, as I suspect I won’t get too many years of wear out of this not-super-amazing fabric.  A bit wonky, but fine.

002 (640x480)

I definitely had my doubts about how this was going to work out, but I’m very happy with the results.  I only wish it was a little warmer so that I could wear it more often!

And, finally, I am working away on presents.  I’ve set the wall quilt aside for the moment, as my partner assures me that late is perfectly fine for his sister’s present.  Two others are in process, but I finished this one today for my sister:

001 (501x640)

This was my first cross stitch in about 8 years, and it was so fun!  Pattern is here.

I was working on the backstitching this morning while waiting for my mother at her physical therapy appointment, when an elderly woman patient asked me about it.  I wasn’t sure what kind of response I’d get, so I hesitantly said, “well, it’s pretty rude . . . ” and showed it to her.  She just laughed and laughed!  I mentioned that it’s for my sister, but my mother won’t approve.  Her response:  “Well, that’s okay, it’s not for HER!”

Have a most excellent week, friends, and I hope you enjoy the season you’re in and the people you’re with.


WIP (Almost) Wednesday: Still Here!


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007 (640x396)

Yep, it’s this dork again.

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Yep, still kicking!

I’ve just been sick, and have had a hard time getting over it.  Many things that needed to happen the last couple of weeks just haven’t, because I haven’t had the energy to get them done.  Hopefully that will not be the situation for much longer!  And so many apologies for not responding to your lovely comments for so long–I do always appreciate them so much.

I have various things in process–Xmas is looming!–but I’ll just focus on one project today in order to avoid writing a massive tome of a post.

This project started last Friday, when I asked my partner what we should send his sister for Xmas.  Well, he says, maybe you could make her one of your wall quilts?  Hmmm . . . okay.  But I don’t know her very well; what’s her style?  He says she likes modern things, minimalist, dark colors, and Asian influences.  I did some googling and showed him a variety of quilts that I thought might work; that wasn’t a very helpful exercise, but he did say that one of them that I liked was boring because it wasn’t very “dynamic.”

Okay, I can work with that.

I eventually came up with this as inspiration:

MBeach_FreeStylin Spiralin and Flying Geese

Free Stylin’, Spiralin’ & Flyin’ Geese from Piece, Love & Happiness

I love the asymmetry of this, the motion, and, of course, the colors.  But she used ombre fabric, which I don’t have.  What to do to get some depth and complexity in the triangles?

I wound up combining this idea with a second piece of inspiration:


Beads on a String from Orange Dot Quilts

Scrappy triangles, of course!

I pieced strips of fabric together, trimming each one into a rough triangle before adding the next strip.

001 (640x474)

I chose pretty similar scraps to keep the variations subtle.

Then I used Steam a Seam to cut out my triangles and fuse them to my backing fabric, a piece of white linen from the stash.

002 (640x491)

003 (640x577)

011 (640x458) (2)

And here is the top assembled:


Well, more or less, as this was the point at which Pooh decided he was being neglected and needed to roll around on all my handiwork.  #BearsGonnaBear

I did eventually get everything in place and fused down and I started to sew on the appliques . . . and half of them promptly fell right off.


And then my sewing machine decided to go on the fritz.


I’ve cleaned and oiled it, but it’s sort of sticking, then releasing, over and over, as I sew.  Which is kind of a pain on these teeny weeny little triangles (the larger ones are 2 1/2″ square), and is not going to be workable when I try to quilt this thing.

I’m headed out of town tomorrow, but will fiddle with the machine next week and see if I can’t fix the problem.

Have a great week, and I hope you’re getting full cooperation from all your mechanical friends.







WIP Wednesday: Chaos Management


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003 (640x446)

WIP = Work in Progress

There has been progress in various areas this week, largely due to me being irritated by the chaos of unfinished projects all around my sewing room.  Black and white quilt pieces over here, Maybe Quilt pieces over there, towering pile of mending in the corner, unfinished Xmas presents next to them–YIKES.  I needed to feel like I was getting a little closer to having some of these things actually DONE, so I channeled my crabbiness into a little productivity.

As you can see above, the green blocks for my Splash of Color quilt are done, though not trimmed.  Purple, red, yellow, and turquoise blocks still to do, then the mountain of trimming.

I’ve also started working on the oversized Pusheen sweatshirt that my sister passed on to me because it didn’t fit her.

Here’s the über-fabulous before picture:

006 (591x640)

Great, huh?

I’m honestly not actually that short–5’4″, last time I checked.  But some clothing manufacturers seem to think that if you’re big around, you’re also tall; I regularly cut 6″ of fabric off ready-to-wear pants, while thin, slightly taller friends of mine can’t find pants that are long enough.  HEY CLOTHING MANUFACTURING PEOPLE, SHORT AND FAT IS TOTALLY A THING.

So I cut the bands off the bottom, sleeves, and neck, and marked what I need to do on this to hopefully make it a little less sad.

001 (637x640)


I’ve got some coordinating scrap fabric (because of course I do), and the plan is to cut off the excess on the hem and sleeves and use the fabric to bind the raw edges.  I’m also going to add a slit to the neckline and bind that as well.  Oh, and there will be hem vents, too, because I never have enough room for my hips in RTW.  Seriously, this is why I tend to make my shirts too big at the hips–I’ve got a thing about fabric grabbing me there.

And the Maybe Quilt top is almost done!

002 (640x427)

I’ve got it in two pieces at the moment, as the plan is to do Quilt as You Go on it.  So this is half of it on my dining room table.

I laid out both halves on the bed because I’m just having a terrible time getting a sense of it as a whole, and I hoped that would help.

005 (640x417)

The colors are awfully washed out in the pictures, but they are plenty bold in person.   I hope the quilt police aren’t watching, ’cause this thing has not only cotton, but also rayon, a wool blend, and whatever “linen look” fabric is made of.

007 (640x480)

Cripes, how did this get so big?  You can’t see it, but it extends over both sides and the bottom of the mattress, too.

I need to find a wall somewhere, somehow stick this top to it, and step back 20 feet, I think.  I still can’t figure out if the whole thing works or is too busy.  I love all the fabrics in it, though, so I suspect I’ll love the whole when it’s finished.

I’m setting the top aside for the moment so that I can work on Xmas presents.  I’d love your input on how you think I should quilt it, though.  My inclination right now–and this changes several times a day–is to do several large spirals.  I’m leaning toward something to break up the linearity of it rather than emphasize it, and spirals sort of bring out the over-the-topness of it, you know?

Anyway, the goal for next week is to focus on Xmas presents.  I should probably also prioritize that fall sweatshirt, considering how we’re rapidly running out of fall.  (I have this thought running through my head now about WHY DON’T I HAVE A WACKY XMAS SWEATSHIRT, but I am diligently ignoring it, as that’s the kind of nonsense that gets me in trouble.)

Have a wonderful week, and I hope all your colors are working well together.



WIP Wednesday: Too Much and Too Little


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005 (640x576)

My assistant put in some time this week.

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Happy Thursday!

We’re having a chilly, gray day here, so let’s all ignore that nasty business and look at some pretty fabric!

I made some progress on my Maybe Quilt this week.

I wound up with 40 strips, each 42 to 45 inches long, of my colored fabrics, the most I could get without having a lot of repeats.  I sewed the short ends of each strip to a strip of black fabric, making a tube.  Then I laid my tubes out on my dining room table to put them in order.

001 (640x320)

Needless to say, there’s a LOT happening here!  I think all this lively color will be balanced out by the black border in the finished quilt, though.

Then it was time to cut the black strips more or less randomly so that the colored sections would be staggered.

004 (640x376)

This whole process was a bit nerve-wracking because it was impossible to get a good sense of how it all would eventually look.  I finally told myself firmly to STOP FRETTING and trust the process!  The whole quilt is an experiment after all, and if I don’t like it, I can take the damn thing apart and have a bunch of strips all ready for another project.

I’m now working (slowly) on sewing the strips together and spending the time thinking about ways to quilt this.  The question is whether I want to do something that continues all the straight lines or something that breaks them up.  Hmmm . . . .

While I mull that over, I’ve also gotten started on Christmas presents.  I recently joined a new Facebook crafting group and it has inspired me to go back to counted cross-stitch.  I’ve decided that this will be the Christmas of rude cross-stitch.  😉

007 (640x458)

Amazing work so far, I know!

And I have learned two things doing this.

  1.  WOW, has my eyesight ever gone downhill since 2009, the last time I cross-stitched.
  2.   I really, really need some new glasses, ’cause this stitching with white floss on cream fabric is about to kill me.  That cross-stitch I made for my mother years ago on linen with all those subtle shades of cream and pale pink would totally do me in now.


Have a fabulous week and I hope all your projects are just humming along and you’re not wondering where that damn hole in the fabric got to.




WIP Wednesday: What Plans?


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Lovely, lovely fall is still hanging on here . . . .

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Happy Thursday!  Let the record show I did try to post last night, but our internet went down and didn’t come back until it was (past) time for me to go to bed.

Things are moving along here, though not always in the direction I had planned.

For example, when you’ve got the pieces cut for two quilts, and you’re sewing away on them, and you’ve also got in the back of your mind that you really want to make that forest green vest before it gets too cold to wear it, what should happen next?


Makes perfect sense, right?

Well, if you’re me, I guess it does.

Here’s how it happened.  I bookmarked this post a while ago because I liked the simple, modern look of it and who doesn’t need a quick quilt technique?


I’ve been recommending it to people and admiring it and thinking about it since then.  And, somehow, last week, the fact that I’m itching to use up some multicolored scraps and that my black scrap bin is overflowing came together with my love for this design and I HAD TO MAKE IT.

The idea was to use multicolored scraps that had a black background to make the strips.  It’s also something of an experiment–can I actually get these scraps to work together and not look like a random mess with so little in common?


These kinds of fabrics are great for quilt backs, but I find them difficult to use in quilt tops, so this will be a learning experience.


And I have all these random pieces of black fabric–I honestly have no idea where many of them came from or why I have them–so the background strips will be an interesting mix of black flannel, chintz, corduroy, linen blends, and who knows what.

I’ve also made my pink blocks for the Splash of Color QAL over here and, boy, are they ever pink.


They still need trimming, but there they are in all their pinkness.

They’ll be great with the black and white, but by themselves–WOW–they are pink.

And this project just popped up.


My sister just started up with one of those subscription box things, this one of Pusheen-themed stuff.  Yes, another Japanese cartoon cat, and, yes, we are both big kids.  She received this sweatshirt in one of her boxes and passed it on to me, as it didn’t fit her.  It’s a 3X and obviously designed for an Amazon–the body and sleeves will have to be shortened, and I’m pondering what to do with the neckline.  The fabric is thin and not of the greatest quality, but it’ll be fun to wear.

Seriously, how could you resist this?


So many fun things to work on!

I hope you’re enjoying the fall and making something happy.  🙂




WIP Wednesday: SO DONE


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007 (640x469)

We are having a sleepy, drizzly day here.

WIP = Work in Progress

I really should find a better name for these mid-week posts, considering how often they get written on a non-Wednesday.  :/

I got home from jury duty on Wednesday afternoon (did NOT get seated on the jury, thank goodness), had lunch, and tried to remember what it was I was supposed to be doing at that moment.  OH RIGHT, I’m supposed to be writing a blog post.  But I don’t have anything to show for the week!  I’ve been working away, slowly, on my quilt blocks, but that blouse still isn’t finished.  I’d better get moving!

So I got to work finishing this up:

008 (640x635)

You’ll recall this blouse was almost done, but needed to be taken in a bit.  I brought the side seams in 2″ on each side, and shortened it 2″ in the front and 3″ at the back.  I’m still undecided on whether I took it in enough, though.  And it’s a little longer than I usually go with tops, but I like that it’s long enough to wear over leggings.

011 (640x508)

Still lots of room in there.  Can’t decide if that extra fabric is comfy or annoying.


Pooh helpfully points out that my version is probably LESS roomy than the one on the pattern envelope.

I think I’ll have to live with the blouse a while before I decide.  One consideration is that I might want to wear a layer under it as fall moves into winter and it gets chilly here.

In the meantime, it’s very comfy to wear and the neckline isn’t too wide or too low, a perpetual problem for me.  And I’m loving all the rich colors in this!  I have the distinct impression my partner doesn’t like it–most of what I make is too colorful for him–but that’s okay, as it’s for ME.  🙂

Also, my 6-strip black and white units for the quilt are coming together.  I’m fairly busy right now, but I’m trying to work on them a little every day.

002 (640x406)

I am loving them!  So many cool fabrics in there . . . .

003 (640x498)

Still a bunch more to go.  Then they’ll all need squaring up and cutting in half (podcasts definitely required for that step).  I think I’ll starch them to add some stability to the triangles I wind up with.

001 (640x456)

Also up next is cutting out my Vogue 8954.  Forest green mystery knit!  Should be an interesting project and GREEN, too!



WIP Wednesday: The Bright and the Boring


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009 (640x337)

WIP = Work in Progress

Well, it’s been a pretty difficult couple of weeks here.  I’ve put myself on a news diet again, as the constant stream of awful has made it hard to function.  And lots of pressures and stressors are happening all at once over here . . . ugh.  I’ll get it all handled, but things are going to be difficult and scary for a while until I do.

So let’s talk about sewing, just for a minute, and forget about all that other junk.

I spent most of last weekend working on my quilt blocks.  I’m chain-piecing the black and white strips like mad, and I’ve also put together the blue and orange blocks.

011 (640x508)

I am seriously in love with those orange blocks!

This kind of pretty mindless piecing is sort of, I don’t know, pleasantly boring?  Relaxingly tedious?  If you’re in the right frame of mind and ready to settle into the rhythm of it, it’s kind of peaceful and soothing.  If you’re thinking about how long the whole process is taking, it will drive you bananas.  I find it a bit more boring than something like embroidery, so I think I need to find some podcasts or something to listen to while I do it . . . or maybe just resist the urge to marathon it and get my butt out of the chair once in a while.

I was a little discouraged after I cut all the pieces for the colored blocks and realized my scrap piles didn’t seem to be any smaller.  But then I realized that this is the perfect project for a pieced backing–that ought to make a dent!


001 (640x602)

And the back!

002 (605x640)

You can’t really tell in the pictures, but this has a back vent (like a skirt), plus side vents, so plenty of room to move.

I did finally get this top done, but it gave me a little trouble on the trip there.

As I mentioned before, cutting this was complicated, as two of my fabrics were knit in a tube so they didn’t have a selvage, and two of them are directional.  To get the spaceships going up and down, I cut the front piece crosswise.  To get the back yellow piece out of the small cut of fabric I had, that was done crosswise, too.  I was able to get away with all this fudging, though, as my fabrics are pretty stretchy both ways.

The first time I put the neckband on the top, I thought the neck looked a little small so I tried it on.  It was so small that I had a hard time getting it over my head.  I debated for a while with myself as to how much to cut it down, but in the end I decided to be conservative about it and just cut the band seam off.  I lengthened the band a little bit (yes, I was THAT precise about it), put it on, and the neck now is just right.

The other issue was that the sleeves were very tight at the forearm, especially the yellow sleeve.  I unpicked both sleeve seams and re-sewed right at the edge of the fabric–perfect!

The only other change I made was to leave the pleat on the front open, rather than sewing it down.

And now a question for you, oh wise sewing folk:  what the heck is happening with the wrinkles on my upper arms?

003 (613x640)

I also wonder how I get my photos to list like this–but only occasionally!–when my camera is on a tripod.

This isn’t a function of me changing the sleeve seam allowance, as it was this way before I tinkered with it.  It’s not a result of pushing the sleeves up, either.  I know the wrinkles are supposed to point to the problem, but I’m not finding that knowledge to be terribly helpful here.  Any ideas you may have would be very welcome.

In the meantime, though, I’m just going to enjoy my new top.  I wore it today and it was so comfy and cheerfully bright!  I was worried that it would be too much and I’d feel self-conscious in it, but it just felt right to me.  I can’t tell if I’ve changed or if I just got the right combination this time.  The combo of the larger print with two coordinating solids always works really well in quilts, so why not here?

Have a great week, folks, and be sure to save some kindness for your lovely selves.


WIP Wednesday: Fall Color


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002 (640x480)

WIP = Work in Progress

Happy Wednesday, all!

Apologies in advance for the super-sad nighttime photos this time; I was distracted today and didn’t take any pictures during the daytime.

It’s been harder than usual for me to get sewing time recently, as I’ve kind of had the fall cleaning bug.  And the problem with cleaning is that once you clean a few things, you start seeing all these OTHER things that could use a tidy as well, and then you can’t really relax until THOSE things are clean, but then there’s that OTHER stuff over there . . . .  It’s a little bit addicting, and then of course nothing ever actually STAYS clean, either, so there’s no such thing as being finished with it.  So that, and ferrying my mother to all of her appointments, is taking up some of my sewing time these days.

I have managed to get Simplicity 8052 near the finish line, though.

005 (573x640)

I am LOVING it, but if you’re looking at that picture and thinking it looks huge and shapeless, well, you would be correct.  The bodice is okay, but the bottom half is mammoth–and LONG, too.  So I need to take the sides in, hem it, and sew the buttons on the sleeves, and it will be done.  The size issue is all my fault–for some reason, I didn’t check this out on Pattern Review until after I’d cut my fabric.  If I had, I would have seen all the reviews that helpfully note how big the pattern runs.

Oh, well.  A little tinkering and I think it will be great.  I’m loving the rich colors on this blouse and for some reason, they really feel like fall to me.  I’m looking forward to wearing it soon.

Which also means that I’m thinking about what I’m going to make next.  Because I need fall tops and I have a bin of knits to be used for that purpose.

So today, I cut this out:

003 (640x480)

This is kind of the Camaro-you-buy-at-midlife-because-you-couldn’t-afford-one-at-16 of tops.  This cotton/Lycra jersey that I bought from Minerva Crafts is obviously meant for kids, and–let’s be honest here–MALE kids.  I was a space-and-dinosaur-crazy kid who would have totally murdered somebody in order to wear a fabric like this.  Because I was a girl, though, I wore pink rosebuds.  So now that I’m grown up, I’m belatedly fixing that and am finally going to wear the damn space ship fabric.

My original plan was to make the two-fabric version (bottom right) with the space ships and this very ’70s textured yellow knit I got from SCRAP.  But then I kept admiring that three-color top on the top left and decided to add in the orange, also from SCRAP.

This is going to be one bright top.

002 (640x480)

This combination is really reminding me of blocks, for some reason . . . .

I’m glad I didn’t try to cut this out last night, as I had thought of doing.  It was a bit challenging to figure out which part of which pattern piece goes where so that I could grade up at the waist and hip (despite the way it looks on the envelope, this top has nine pieces and its construction is not simple), plus figure out how to lay out the pieces on my limited fabric to get everything to fit.  My orange and yellow knits were spun in a tube, which complicated the cutting as well.  Some pieces had to be cut crosswise, but there’s plenty of ease in this pattern, so I should still be okay with limited stretch in some of the pieces.

I hope to get some sewing time in on Friday to work on these.  Tomorrow will be taken up with going grocery shopping with my mother and volunteering over at SCRAP.  They have decided to close the store at the end of the month, so I’m going to help Rachael clean up.  You will be missed, SCRAP Tri-Cities.  😦

Have a great week, everybody, and I hope you’re finding some time to do what you love.




WIP Wednesday: Rain


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I was trying to catch them having a kissy-face session, but managed to take their CD cover photo instead.

WIP = work in progress

Well, it has been a week, my friends.  Some ups in there and some downs, too.

Autumn arrived this week, which has me feeling a bit melancholy.  All four seasons have their pleasures, for sure, but I wasn’t quite finished with summer yet!  We’ve had a little rain, which I know is very much needed, but I can’t help but feel a little gloomy when the weather is gray.

And then yesterday, this happened:


Not my fault, but it was a hit and run, which my insurance doesn’t cover.  😦


I’ve been fretting about it–because that’s what I do–but I’ve decided it’s time to move on to the rainbow part of the rain business.  YOU HEAR THAT, BRAIN?

Because some other stuff happened this week, too.

Like this:

007 (640x342)

Made some good progress on cutting strips for the quilt.

And this:


B5948 in ALL the colors.  Life lesson:  if you don’t have blue skies, sew some.

You can’t see them here, but I put vents in the sides of this like I did on the tank from this pattern.  Vents always complicate the seam finishing issue–French seams, my favorite seam finish, just don’t play well with them–so I zig zagged the seam allowances on the side seams.  This fabric doesn’t fray much, so I think they’ll be fine.

This took longer than it should have, simply because I was being terribly indecisive about the length of the top and of the sleeves.  I wound up leaving the top a bit longer than I usually do (more of a tunic length) and cutting about 6″ off the sleeves to get them to about a 3/4 length.  (I really should do all my woven blouses with 3/4-length sleeves so that I don’t have to keep rolling them up.)  I wore this yesterday and I think I made the right choice in both cases.

It’s also been raining patterns over here!

I picked up some patterns on sale at Joann’s recently.  I am particularly obsessed with the vest (V8954) and I have a piece of FOREST GREEN mystery knit from SCRAP that I’m going to use for it.


Totally not a Tilton sisters fangirl.

And then I met up with my buddy Heidi last Saturday and she gave me these for my birthday!


We had a lovely lunch and then a walk on the Yakima Greenway.  Highly recommended if you’re in the area.  This part of the path leads right to the door of the animal shelter–a seriously genius move, if you ask me.  I would sure walk a lot more if every walk involved PETTING ALL THE DOGS.


So there’s plenty of good stuff happening in between the stuff that isn’t so great.  I’m basically taking Jenny Lawson’s approach to September:  sit under the sunlight lamp, read a fun book, and pet all the animals.  Plus sewing.

Have a great week, and I hope you’re making time for some good stuff.


ETA:  I have linked up this post to the Splash of Color Quilt-Along over at Busy Hands Quilts.