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Close up of adorable owl print.  This is cotton/Lycra from Minerva Crafts.

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Hello again!

Just a quick one today to update you on the not-so-great owl top from last week, then I’m going to bed because I have not been sleeping well and I’m pretty sure my brain has gone on strike.

Just to recap last week’s exciting action, I made myself a top with the super-cute owl fabric above, didn’t check the sizing very well beforehand and wound up with a top that was a bit more revealing than I would like.


I’ve got vents in the sides here and it still looks pretty lumpy.  The sleeves are also uncomfortably tight.

So I ripped out the side seams and added a strip of the bodice fabric all the way from hem to wrist.


I love how most of my owls here are looking dubiously at that strip of white.

And here’s the result:

008 (640x543)

006 (608x640)

The fit is much better, and much more comfortable!

The strip of white on the sides isn’t really noticeable, but you can catch a glimpse of it here.  I kind of like the little accent, but I chose white for it so that it wouldn’t become a focal point.

005 (640x615)

The faux piping is looking a little wavy at the chest here, but I’m not too bothered about it.  I still like the accent, and green always makes me happy.

This is now the second Ellie and Mac pattern I’ve made, so a couple of comments on their patterns so far:

—  I really like that you can get this top–in my pretty big size–out of a yard + some scraps of fabric.  I’m sewing with knits more and more, which means knit scraps, which aren’t all that easy to use up.  I love that I can splurge just a little on an adorable knit like this one (which wasn’t cheap), use up some scraps, and have a great top to wear!

—  The patterns are pretty simple and easy, with photos for each step.  Maybe a little too simple sometimes, as the two I used didn’t include a few steps you’ll find in Big 4 patterns like stay-stitching.

—  Both patterns I’ve used from this company (the one here is the Discoverer Tee, and I’ve also made the Memphis Top) have unusually high necklines.  I’ve actually cut both down a bit so that they wouldn’t come up high enough to bother me.  Which is just fine with me, because my usual problem with knit tops is that the neckline is too wide and my bra straps are showing and the top is sliding forward and flashing people.

—  The size range on these patterns is good (XXS to 4XL) and they show women of all sizes in their product photography.  If you aren’t an older fat woman like me, you may not realize how amazing this is!  Big 4 patterns have had a good size range as far back as I can remember, but it was only recently that women my size and larger were actually shown on pattern envelopes and in pattern books, instead of being hidden away like a shameful secret.

—  Unlike other indie pattern companies that I’m familiar with, Ellie and Mac believes in promotion.  Yeah, I know we all get too much junk email, but if you like their patterns, it really does pay to sign up for their emails.  It won’t be too long before something you like is on sale, sometimes for as little as $1.

Anyway, I gotta sleep.  I hope your Wednesday was great and that Thursday is better.  I’ll yak at you again soon.