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WIP = Work in Progress

Hello again from the Land of the Everlasting Viruses!

Yep, I’m still recovering oh-so-very-slowly from my nasty cold, and still pretty low on energy, but I do have a few pretty things to show you today.

First, as you can see up above, I’ve made more charity quilt blocks–now up to 21!–and did manage to use up almost all the strings I had pulled out of my scrap stash.  I may yet churn out some more before the deadline, but I’m moving on for now, as all the half-finished projects in my sewing room are making me a bit squirrelly.

These blocks have led to a couple of positive developments, though (I mean, apart from the whole objective of contributing to a good cause).  For one thing, I like how these turned out a lot more than I expected to; I normally don’t like blocks that are totally random and scrappy like these, but they are undeniably fun and cheerful.  This has made me feel a lot more hopeful about how successful the Maybe Quilt will turn out to be.  That quilt has fewer colors and fabrics, and more qualities that tie the whole thing together, so I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll like the final product–and I’m anxious to get back to it!

Also, going through my scrap bins to find bright strings to use made me realize how many fabrics in there I just really don’t like any more.  They’re weird colors that don’t go with anything, or pastels, or little flowered prints, or whatever, but they’re fabrics that I just don’t want to use for my projects.  Rather than keeping them in those bins and considering and rejecting them every time I choose fabrics to use, I decided to pass them on to somebody who would appreciate them.

001 (472x640)

I posted this bag of scraps to my Buy Nothing group and wound up giving it to a woman who plans to make blankets and other things for new moms who don’t have much.  I liked the cause, so I went through my yardage, too, and found 10 yards of fabric to add to the bag.  She was thrilled to get it, and I was thrilled to have some more clutter out of my little sewing room.  This is what I love about Buy Nothing–every single exchange is a win-win for everybody involved.

Also, I have an update on my new flannel Pjs!

003 (640x490)

I’ve got the top mostly together.  I noticed before I cut that the finished length was way too short (about hip length), so I decided to take the opportunity to add a little interest to it in the form of a band at the bottom.  I used a flat felled seam to attach the band to the front and back, then added the sleeves (flat insertion), and did the first line of stitching on the (French) side seams.  I’m going to need to try this on again and take in the sleeves a little, as they’re a bit drafty at the moment.  Note that this is supposed to have 3/4 length sleeves, but they’re full length on stubby little me.

004 (491x640)

The full-length pants were just ridiculously long for me, so I cut the capri length.  If I need a little length, I may add a contrasting band to the hems; I also want to add a contrast pocket to the right leg of the pants, as that was an unexpectedly handy feature of my old PJ pants.

004 (640x506)

This London print is just so silly and fun–I love it!  I don’t mind being a goofy tourist every once in a while.  🙂

So I need to finish these up, then get back to that Maybe Quilt.  I keep on making all these quilts and I still don’t have a full-size one for my bed!

Have a wonderful week, and I hope you’ve got all sorts of cozy, colorful things coming to life under your needles!