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Look at it go!

WIP = Work in Progress

Content warning:  swears

Happy Thursday!

Just a few pretty pictures for you today, then I have to get back to slaving over that needle.  Yep, it’s true, Xmas presents are still in process here.  I’m not sure what happened this year, but the holiday kind of kicked my butt.  The tree stood for a good  two weeks bare-ass naked before I got some stuff on it, cards didn’t get sent out until today, and at least a couple presents will be late.  Yikes!  Just too much going on this year, I think, and not much energy left over for Xmas prep.

Next week, I’ll have some pictures of finished presents, but today I thought I would look ahead to post-holiday project plans.

My beloved pink pig flannel PJs are starting to (quite literally) fall apart on me, so I’ve been waiting for the winter flannel sales at Joann’s.  Imagine my joy when I discovered the 70% off sale was online as well as in the stores, so I was able to avoid the holiday craziness and still get this lovely red flannel on sale to coordinate with the fun British print I got at the end of the summer.

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Finding an appropriate pattern took a bit of work, as I wanted to avoid the unisex patterns (and their weird fit issues).  Once I eliminated all the patterns for knits only and the ones that are the classic buttons-up-the-front style (yes, I have a lot of opinions on PJs for a person who doesn’t actually wear them to sleep in), I was left with this:

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Not super exciting–okay, not at all exciting–but I think some colorblocking is going to happen on these to sex them up a little.  I mean, they’re flannel, so actually sexy isn’t going to happen, but interesting might.

I also had to grab this 3-yard precut piece of flannel while on the Joann’s site, because $2/yard flannel is not something I am strong enough to resist.

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I was hoping to make a Christmas top out of this–maybe with a half-zip neckline?–but it’s looking like a project for January right now.  Whatever, still a really fun print in the bright colors you need in January.

And, finally, here’s where sewing intersects with mental and physical health.  I’ve written a bit about the problem I have with my legs.  Basically, it’s a progressive, disfiguring condition that requires me to to exercise my legs (walking is best) for an hour nearly every day.  If I don’t, my legs swell, get painful and itchy, and more.  And it has made my relationship with my body even more fraught than it already was in a culture that frankly despises fat women.

So I’m trying to re-commit to that exercise program, for the sake of both my mental and physical health.  And here’s the plot twist, cause I bet you didn’t think this would involve buying myself some leggings!

008 (640x470)

I saw these oh-so-fabulous leggings come up on my Facebook feed as a new item in Mary Engelbreit’s online store, and my first thought was, “OMG I love them so much, and they have them in my size, but I could never wear those flowers on my swollen legs.”  Which meant I had to buy them, of course, because it felt like a gift to myself, an expression of caring for my body, and a big old FU to the haters (including the one in my head).

Which also meant I had to have something equally fabulous to pair with them.  So I searched on Etsy and found a yard of discontinued Mary Engelbreit fabric.  This will get paired with another fabric to make a top to wear with those leggings.   And I will do my best to keep up with that exercise and feel good in my new outfit, even if my legs are still swollen.


Okay, better get back to the present-making.  I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday season.  Take care, don’t stress, and have a great time.