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Yep, it’s this dork again.

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Yep, still kicking!

I’ve just been sick, and have had a hard time getting over it.  Many things that needed to happen the last couple of weeks just haven’t, because I haven’t had the energy to get them done.  Hopefully that will not be the situation for much longer!  And so many apologies for not responding to your lovely comments for so long–I do always appreciate them so much.

I have various things in process–Xmas is looming!–but I’ll just focus on one project today in order to avoid writing a massive tome of a post.

This project started last Friday, when I asked my partner what we should send his sister for Xmas.  Well, he says, maybe you could make her one of your wall quilts?  Hmmm . . . okay.  But I don’t know her very well; what’s her style?  He says she likes modern things, minimalist, dark colors, and Asian influences.  I did some googling and showed him a variety of quilts that I thought might work; that wasn’t a very helpful exercise, but he did say that one of them that I liked was boring because it wasn’t very “dynamic.”

Okay, I can work with that.

I eventually came up with this as inspiration:

MBeach_FreeStylin Spiralin and Flying Geese

Free Stylin’, Spiralin’ & Flyin’ Geese from Piece, Love & Happiness

I love the asymmetry of this, the motion, and, of course, the colors.  But she used ombre fabric, which I don’t have.  What to do to get some depth and complexity in the triangles?

I wound up combining this idea with a second piece of inspiration:


Beads on a String from Orange Dot Quilts

Scrappy triangles, of course!

I pieced strips of fabric together, trimming each one into a rough triangle before adding the next strip.

001 (640x474)

I chose pretty similar scraps to keep the variations subtle.

Then I used Steam a Seam to cut out my triangles and fuse them to my backing fabric, a piece of white linen from the stash.

002 (640x491)

003 (640x577)

011 (640x458) (2)

And here is the top assembled:


Well, more or less, as this was the point at which Pooh decided he was being neglected and needed to roll around on all my handiwork.  #BearsGonnaBear

I did eventually get everything in place and fused down and I started to sew on the appliques . . . and half of them promptly fell right off.


And then my sewing machine decided to go on the fritz.


I’ve cleaned and oiled it, but it’s sort of sticking, then releasing, over and over, as I sew.  Which is kind of a pain on these teeny weeny little triangles (the larger ones are 2 1/2″ square), and is not going to be workable when I try to quilt this thing.

I’m headed out of town tomorrow, but will fiddle with the machine next week and see if I can’t fix the problem.

Have a great week, and I hope you’re getting full cooperation from all your mechanical friends.