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WIP = Work in Progress

There has been progress in various areas this week, largely due to me being irritated by the chaos of unfinished projects all around my sewing room.  Black and white quilt pieces over here, Maybe Quilt pieces over there, towering pile of mending in the corner, unfinished Xmas presents next to them–YIKES.  I needed to feel like I was getting a little closer to having some of these things actually DONE, so I channeled my crabbiness into a little productivity.

As you can see above, the green blocks for my Splash of Color quilt are done, though not trimmed.  Purple, red, yellow, and turquoise blocks still to do, then the mountain of trimming.

I’ve also started working on the oversized Pusheen sweatshirt that my sister passed on to me because it didn’t fit her.

Here’s the über-fabulous before picture:

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Great, huh?

I’m honestly not actually that short–5’4″, last time I checked.  But some clothing manufacturers seem to think that if you’re big around, you’re also tall; I regularly cut 6″ of fabric off ready-to-wear pants, while thin, slightly taller friends of mine can’t find pants that are long enough.  HEY CLOTHING MANUFACTURING PEOPLE, SHORT AND FAT IS TOTALLY A THING.

So I cut the bands off the bottom, sleeves, and neck, and marked what I need to do on this to hopefully make it a little less sad.

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I’ve got some coordinating scrap fabric (because of course I do), and the plan is to cut off the excess on the hem and sleeves and use the fabric to bind the raw edges.  I’m also going to add a slit to the neckline and bind that as well.  Oh, and there will be hem vents, too, because I never have enough room for my hips in RTW.  Seriously, this is why I tend to make my shirts too big at the hips–I’ve got a thing about fabric grabbing me there.

And the Maybe Quilt top is almost done!

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I’ve got it in two pieces at the moment, as the plan is to do Quilt as You Go on it.  So this is half of it on my dining room table.

I laid out both halves on the bed because I’m just having a terrible time getting a sense of it as a whole, and I hoped that would help.

005 (640x417)

The colors are awfully washed out in the pictures, but they are plenty bold in person.   I hope the quilt police aren’t watching, ’cause this thing has not only cotton, but also rayon, a wool blend, and whatever “linen look” fabric is made of.

007 (640x480)

Cripes, how did this get so big?  You can’t see it, but it extends over both sides and the bottom of the mattress, too.

I need to find a wall somewhere, somehow stick this top to it, and step back 20 feet, I think.  I still can’t figure out if the whole thing works or is too busy.  I love all the fabrics in it, though, so I suspect I’ll love the whole when it’s finished.

I’m setting the top aside for the moment so that I can work on Xmas presents.  I’d love your input on how you think I should quilt it, though.  My inclination right now–and this changes several times a day–is to do several large spirals.  I’m leaning toward something to break up the linearity of it rather than emphasize it, and spirals sort of bring out the over-the-topness of it, you know?

Anyway, the goal for next week is to focus on Xmas presents.  I should probably also prioritize that fall sweatshirt, considering how we’re rapidly running out of fall.  (I have this thought running through my head now about WHY DON’T I HAVE A WACKY XMAS SWEATSHIRT, but I am diligently ignoring it, as that’s the kind of nonsense that gets me in trouble.)

Have a wonderful week, and I hope all your colors are working well together.