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My assistant put in some time this week.

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Happy Thursday!

We’re having a chilly, gray day here, so let’s all ignore that nasty business and look at some pretty fabric!

I made some progress on my Maybe Quilt this week.

I wound up with 40 strips, each 42 to 45 inches long, of my colored fabrics, the most I could get without having a lot of repeats.  I sewed the short ends of each strip to a strip of black fabric, making a tube.  Then I laid my tubes out on my dining room table to put them in order.

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Needless to say, there’s a LOT happening here!  I think all this lively color will be balanced out by the black border in the finished quilt, though.

Then it was time to cut the black strips more or less randomly so that the colored sections would be staggered.

004 (640x376)

This whole process was a bit nerve-wracking because it was impossible to get a good sense of how it all would eventually look.  I finally told myself firmly to STOP FRETTING and trust the process!  The whole quilt is an experiment after all, and if I don’t like it, I can take the damn thing apart and have a bunch of strips all ready for another project.

I’m now working (slowly) on sewing the strips together and spending the time thinking about ways to quilt this.  The question is whether I want to do something that continues all the straight lines or something that breaks them up.  Hmmm . . . .

While I mull that over, I’ve also gotten started on Christmas presents.  I recently joined a new Facebook crafting group and it has inspired me to go back to counted cross-stitch.  I’ve decided that this will be the Christmas of rude cross-stitch.  😉

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Amazing work so far, I know!

And I have learned two things doing this.

  1.  WOW, has my eyesight ever gone downhill since 2009, the last time I cross-stitched.
  2.   I really, really need some new glasses, ’cause this stitching with white floss on cream fabric is about to kill me.  That cross-stitch I made for my mother years ago on linen with all those subtle shades of cream and pale pink would totally do me in now.


Have a fabulous week and I hope all your projects are just humming along and you’re not wondering where that damn hole in the fabric got to.