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Lovely, lovely fall is still hanging on here . . . .

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Happy Thursday!  Let the record show I did try to post last night, but our internet went down and didn’t come back until it was (past) time for me to go to bed.

Things are moving along here, though not always in the direction I had planned.

For example, when you’ve got the pieces cut for two quilts, and you’re sewing away on them, and you’ve also got in the back of your mind that you really want to make that forest green vest before it gets too cold to wear it, what should happen next?


Makes perfect sense, right?

Well, if you’re me, I guess it does.

Here’s how it happened.  I bookmarked this post a while ago because I liked the simple, modern look of it and who doesn’t need a quick quilt technique?


I’ve been recommending it to people and admiring it and thinking about it since then.  And, somehow, last week, the fact that I’m itching to use up some multicolored scraps and that my black scrap bin is overflowing came together with my love for this design and I HAD TO MAKE IT.

The idea was to use multicolored scraps that had a black background to make the strips.  It’s also something of an experiment–can I actually get these scraps to work together and not look like a random mess with so little in common?


These kinds of fabrics are great for quilt backs, but I find them difficult to use in quilt tops, so this will be a learning experience.


And I have all these random pieces of black fabric–I honestly have no idea where many of them came from or why I have them–so the background strips will be an interesting mix of black flannel, chintz, corduroy, linen blends, and who knows what.

I’ve also made my pink blocks for the Splash of Color QAL over here and, boy, are they ever pink.


They still need trimming, but there they are in all their pinkness.

They’ll be great with the black and white, but by themselves–WOW–they are pink.

And this project just popped up.


My sister just started up with one of those subscription box things, this one of Pusheen-themed stuff.  Yes, another Japanese cartoon cat, and, yes, we are both big kids.  She received this sweatshirt in one of her boxes and passed it on to me, as it didn’t fit her.  It’s a 3X and obviously designed for an Amazon–the body and sleeves will have to be shortened, and I’m pondering what to do with the neckline.  The fabric is thin and not of the greatest quality, but it’ll be fun to wear.

Seriously, how could you resist this?


So many fun things to work on!

I hope you’re enjoying the fall and making something happy.  🙂