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WIP = Work in Progress

Happy Wednesday, all!

Apologies in advance for the super-sad nighttime photos this time; I was distracted today and didn’t take any pictures during the daytime.

It’s been harder than usual for me to get sewing time recently, as I’ve kind of had the fall cleaning bug.  And the problem with cleaning is that once you clean a few things, you start seeing all these OTHER things that could use a tidy as well, and then you can’t really relax until THOSE things are clean, but then there’s that OTHER stuff over there . . . .  It’s a little bit addicting, and then of course nothing ever actually STAYS clean, either, so there’s no such thing as being finished with it.  So that, and ferrying my mother to all of her appointments, is taking up some of my sewing time these days.

I have managed to get Simplicity 8052 near the finish line, though.

005 (573x640)

I am LOVING it, but if you’re looking at that picture and thinking it looks huge and shapeless, well, you would be correct.  The bodice is okay, but the bottom half is mammoth–and LONG, too.  So I need to take the sides in, hem it, and sew the buttons on the sleeves, and it will be done.  The size issue is all my fault–for some reason, I didn’t check this out on Pattern Review until after I’d cut my fabric.  If I had, I would have seen all the reviews that helpfully note how big the pattern runs.

Oh, well.  A little tinkering and I think it will be great.  I’m loving the rich colors on this blouse and for some reason, they really feel like fall to me.  I’m looking forward to wearing it soon.

Which also means that I’m thinking about what I’m going to make next.  Because I need fall tops and I have a bin of knits to be used for that purpose.

So today, I cut this out:

003 (640x480)

This is kind of the Camaro-you-buy-at-midlife-because-you-couldn’t-afford-one-at-16 of tops.  This cotton/Lycra jersey that I bought from Minerva Crafts is obviously meant for kids, and–let’s be honest here–MALE kids.  I was a space-and-dinosaur-crazy kid who would have totally murdered somebody in order to wear a fabric like this.  Because I was a girl, though, I wore pink rosebuds.  So now that I’m grown up, I’m belatedly fixing that and am finally going to wear the damn space ship fabric.

My original plan was to make the two-fabric version (bottom right) with the space ships and this very ’70s textured yellow knit I got from SCRAP.  But then I kept admiring that three-color top on the top left and decided to add in the orange, also from SCRAP.

This is going to be one bright top.

002 (640x480)

This combination is really reminding me of blocks, for some reason . . . .

I’m glad I didn’t try to cut this out last night, as I had thought of doing.  It was a bit challenging to figure out which part of which pattern piece goes where so that I could grade up at the waist and hip (despite the way it looks on the envelope, this top has nine pieces and its construction is not simple), plus figure out how to lay out the pieces on my limited fabric to get everything to fit.  My orange and yellow knits were spun in a tube, which complicated the cutting as well.  Some pieces had to be cut crosswise, but there’s plenty of ease in this pattern, so I should still be okay with limited stretch in some of the pieces.

I hope to get some sewing time in on Friday to work on these.  Tomorrow will be taken up with going grocery shopping with my mother and volunteering over at SCRAP.  They have decided to close the store at the end of the month, so I’m going to help Rachael clean up.  You will be missed, SCRAP Tri-Cities.  😦

Have a great week, everybody, and I hope you’re finding some time to do what you love.