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London, captured.  Picture taken at the Museum of London.

I’m back!

So happy to be home and chatting with you all again!  Travel is wonderful, but so is coming home.  🙂

We actually got home from our London trip on August 12th, but then had to turn around and get ready for an eclipse camping trip in Oregon the following weekend.  Still plenty to do and many errands to run, but things seem to be settling down a bit.

As for London, well, three weeks of adventures there is a lot to process!  We went to museums, ate lots of great food, hung out with friends, and went on three walking tours.  I took many, many pictures, just a few of which I’ll share here.  Be sure to check out Flickr for more.


I just may have ordered some London Tube map fabric as soon as I got home . . . .


From the Balenciaga exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  X-ray shows the corset built into the dresses.


The altar at St. Mary Le Bow Church.  Tradition holds that you must be born within the sound of its bells to be a true Londoner.


Leadenhall Market in the City of London (financial district which has a weird, semi-autonomous status–its own mayor, for example).


From our walking tour in the City, which is a strange mix of ancient buildings and modern skyscrapers.


The Barbican.  Wandering around this concrete miniature town on a sunny summer day may almost convince you that Brutalism can actually work as a style for residential building.  I suspect it feels like a damp, gray wind tunnel in November, though.


Cambridge, the river Cam, and the famous punts.


Highgate Cemetery, on a gray, wet day, which seemed very appropriate.  Our tour guide told us “there are no bad pictures in the Cemetery” and I think he was right.


Dinos (and many, many people) in the Natural History Museum.

And a few from our eclipse weekend in Oregon.


Our friends have 30 mostly-untouched acres near Willamina, OR, which just happened to be right in the path of the eclipse.  I took this with my back to our tent; that’s a rather green pond just beyond that tall grass there.  I was hoping to see the elk that come down here to drink, or maybe even the local bobcat, but the only wildlife we saw was a massive slug.  Welcome to Oregon!


Eclipse watching in the meadow.

I’m hoping to get back to doing some sewing soon, though right now I’m pondering what to make and enjoying the feeling that I can sew anything I like with no deadlines.  We’ll see what idea gets me moving first.

I hope you are all well, enjoying what’s left of the season you’re in, and looking forward to the next.