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What do we have here?

(WIP = Work in Progress)

Added another project to July’s list yesterday!

My partner has been contemplating what he wants his next custom cycling jersey to look like.  It probably didn’t help that I found an online source of wicking athletic poly knit in many lovely bright colors, complicating the decision for him.  But he finally made up his mind yesterday–a Mondrian-inspired jersey!

THE famous Mondrian-style jersey is this one, which I was hoping against hope he wouldn’t want because it is a) hideous, and b) nightmarishly complex.  I was quite relieved when he presented me with the drawing above, which is much simpler.  Yep, this is something I can do.

He would like it for LEL, if possible, but that may not happen, considering that the company with the knit he wants is closed for vacation until July 10th.  What I’m going to try to do is get everything else done and reserve that last week before we leave just for the jersey.  I should be able to do it, but I’m determined to not make myself (more) nuts over it.

As far as the “everything else,” where do we stand?

The sew-along dress is almost finished, but well, hmmm.


Sorry, too tired to get the tripod out this evening.

Strictly speaking, the only thing left to do is sew the shoulder seams.  This is gonna need a bit more work than that, though.  Notice anything strange in the picture?

Those armholes are low, as in SUPER LOW, as in “oh, nice bra you have there!” low.

There’s also this:


Same problem here in the back.

I’m thinking I might slipstitch the armholes to reshape them and close them up more.  The keyhole back is a bigger problem.  I could unpick about the lower half of the egg (and did I mention HOW VERY GLAD I AM that I didn’t give in to the urge to topstitch all this?) and reshape it with more slipstitching.  I don’t think that would give me enough additional fabric to cover the bra, though.  Another idea:  put a flange-y sort of thing out of the flowered fabric around the inside of the hole to close it up a bit.  Or maybe both ideas–reshape the hole, then add some flowered faux piping?  I’d prefer not to cover up the egg completely, but I’d love to hear any ideas you might have.

Despite the overexposure problem, though, there’s a lot that I love about this dress.  The muslin didn’t impress me one bit, but I sized up for the “real” version and also added 2″ to the length of the bodice.  You can’t really tell here, but the bottom edge of the muslin is about level with the bottom of my bra.


Interesting how going up a size made such a huge difference in the armholes . . . .

I also lengthened the dress to mid-calf length and added POCKETS!



And these fabrics are so nice–so soft and comfy!  I actually sized DOWN on the skirt because I was concerned that the gathers might be too much in the interlock (pattern calls for jersey).  Gathers turned out great.

So the plan is to sleep on the problem, then tackle that bodice again tomorrow.

Have an excellent Thursday, and I hope all your patterns come with pockets (I can’t believe they don’t already, but obviously nobody in charge of anything ever listens to me).