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Hot afternoon still life with binding.

Sunday Sevens hasn’t been happening too often around here lately, as I just haven’t had many opportunities to take interesting photos.  I’ve got a few fun things to share with you today, though, so let’s get to it!


SCRAP recently had a jewelry repair workshop and Rachael and I fixed about a bajillion broken bracelets.  I had been stuffing broken jewelry in a box for YEARS, and I’m so happy to have it all back!  This was a big mood booster for me, as I LOVE my jewelry and the arthritis in my hands is to the point now where I pretty much can’t wear rings any more.


I’ve been working away a bit at a time on my fabric database in Evernote.  I’m up to 64 pieces of yardage, which I think is maybe 2/3 of the total.  I’ve pulled out the ones I don’t love and they’ll be going to SCRAP.


This feels like the bigger accomplishment, though.  I went through all my scraps and filled these three big bags with all the ones I don’t like and won’t use.  These bags were posted in my local Buy Nothing Facebook group and wound up going to a little girl who’s taking a sewing class and wants to make doll clothes.  I thought it would be hard to give all this up, but I realized as I went through everything that these fabrics felt more like a burden than anything else–I didn’t want to use them, couldn’t see a way to use them, but I felt a lot of responsibility to not waste them.  When they were picked up, and that burden lifted, I felt light, and so moved that I was able to help out a beginning sewer.  And all my scrap drawers close again!


This past weekend, my partner and I headed down to Eugene, OR, so that he could ride a 300k brevet organized by one of his buddies.  While he was out there riding (in temps over 100F!), I explored Eugene, which I hadn’t seen since I was a kid living in Medford, OR.


Lots of cool older houses and mature trees!


Love this Craftsman bungalow, now divided into offices.  Every time I go to Oregon, I’m reminded how big and new everything is in the Tri-Cities, where I live–pretty much everything here was built after World War 2.


Nifty older theater building.


This looks more like a courthouse, but it’s actually a Protestant church–that’s stained glass in those second floor windows.  I like the blue banner celebrating Ramadan; on the left side is a Pride flag.  This is the kind of thing that cheers me up when the political news is ugly.

Saturday afternoon and evening were spent in the air conditioning at the motel, watching some good TV (PBS) and also some bad TV (horror movie starring some menacing frogs and a very young Sam Elliot) while I worked on my quilt binding.

As always, many thanks to Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins for starting Sunday Sevens and encouraging us to document and celebrate our adventures.

I hope you all have a very excellent week and have a little sunshine wherever you are (temps below 100F would also be nice).