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(WIP = Work in Progress)

I was thinking in the shower yesterday–where I do all my best thinking–that I should take along some sort of hand sewing on Friday when we head down to Oregon again for another bike ride.  I am happily cable-free at home, but I do love sitting in a hotel room in the evening and stitching away on something while listening to a terrible movie.  But the only hand sewing involved in my current list of projects would be the binding on my baby quilt–surely I couldn’t get that quilt to the binding state by Friday, could I?  Because I love a challenge (and I am not quite right in the head), I decided to try it.

I got all the applique sewing done last night; I wasn’t sure I’d ever un-kink my neck again after I finished, but I did it.  Today I figured out my borders and put them on.


I’ll put together my quilt sandwich tonight, then I’ll have Thursday and Friday to quilt and bind.  Maybe I had better start planning that quilting tonight . . . .


I also finished up the second Simplicity 1199 over the weekend, and I’m really liking how this one turned out.  I wore it while out and about on Tuesday, and it was super-comfortable and cool in the hot weather.


The hem needs to be pressed, but it’s not bad for being fresh out of the dryer.

The neckline lies a little better on this, I think because I tried a different method on it.  (Completely forgot I was going to try a chest adjustment on this top until after I’d cut it out.)  The instructions have you apply the neck band like a quilt binding: fold in half wrong sides together, sew raw edges to neck edge, fold band to inside and machine stitch down.  On this one, I sewed the raw edges of the band to the neck, then pressed the band up and the seam allowance down toward the shirt; I then sewed the seam allowance to the shirt, giving it a nice finish, I think.  I’m too lazy to look it up, but I think this neck band technique came from the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee pattern (free when you join the Facebook group), which I printed out lately as a possible use for some SUPER SEXXXXY turquoise rayon jersey I picked up at SCRAP (seriously, with that gorgeous drape, those glowing colors, that subtle sheen, rayon jersey is HAWT).

I spent a fair bit of time working on finishing this top nicely, as I really want to improve my knit sewing skills.  The white fabric with the dots (it looks like one of those über-’70s bead curtain things to me) is a cotton jersey and the edges curled, so I worked diligently to keep the fabric flat when doing the neckline and hems.  I would have loved to use the blue for the neck band, but it has a somewhat rough texture on the right side, and I knew it would drive me bananas to have that on my neck.

So, sure, it’s a pretty basic tee, but I’m proud of the finish on this, it feels lovely to wear, and I may figure out this knit business yet.



Could NOT get these in focus for some reason.  😦

Also in Tuesday adventures, I went over to Fred Meyer to look for pants (it’s a Pacific Northwest chain of grocery stores that also carry clothing and other things; I have a terrible time finding pants that fit me, but I’ve had good luck at Fred’s, for some reason).  And, yes, someday I’m going to learn how to sew pants that work for me, but today is not that day.  I found these pants that are totally secret pajamas–look like regular dress pants but don’t have a zip and the fabric they’re made with is actually the stretchiest stretch woven that ever stretched.  Score!  I bought two pairs.

Problem is, those nicely-stitched (if blurry) pockets in the photo are fake!  I googled and apparently this is now a thing.  I haven’t bought pants in YEARS and sometime between the last time and now, lots of pockets in RTW clothing became fake–not just sewn shut but no pocket bag at all.

Now, obviously, you KNOW I’m not standing for that.  Tutorials are being googled and we’re just going to see what we can do about that situation.  (Why, yes, my glasses are perched on the end of my nose and my hands are on my hips.)

So, this week I got one item off my to-do list and also managed to add one more–fixing the pockets and hemming (of course) my two new pairs of pants.

Have a great Thursday and I hope the pluses and minuses are going your way.