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Look–I almost have a waist!

WIP = Work in progress

Today’s title comes from a favorite saying of a former co-worker of mine when I worked for the VP of a meat-packing company.  My desk was in a room full of beef sales people–an excellent location for picking up colorful phrases, as well as beef recipes.

Anyway, this past week I had one of those “OMG, I have HOW much time to do all that stuff?!?” moments when I realized how much I wanted to get sewn before our trip to London and how few weeks there are before the end of July.  So, I was in a bit of a panic,  trying to figure out how I was going to get everything done, and then I got a gentle reminder about the sew-along I’m supposed to run next month.

So, time to prioritize, spend my time wisely, and try not to freak out (or at least keep it to a manageable level).  Today’s post will be me tidying up old business and planning next steps.

First, the Hello Kitty top.


I bought this pattern recently for no other reason than that I have a lot of knit remnants to use up and my knit tops (which I wear a lot, especially when I travel) are looking a bit old and scruffy.  I didn’t think the pattern was very interesting, but worth a try.

I love how this top turned out, though.



I love how it has a little shape and gives me the illusion of having a waist (I tell you, I mourn the loss of my waist).  I love the 3/4 sleeves.  I love the neckline, which isn’t too wide or too low, as usually happens with my narrow shoulders and lack of boobage.  I love how comfy the top is and that I have a matching skirt so that I can look totally put together and elegant in my cartoon cat head shirt.

The binding on the neck is a little wonky, and I’m starting to think maybe I need a hollow chest adjustment.  I’m wearing my plaid tank today, and it has the same problem.  And the hollow chest thing seems to be a common issue among female sewers “of a certain age” (I love how that expression indicates old age without spelling it out, as if it’s a shameful secret).

The hem was also wonky, which I’m going to attribute to sewing it while waiting to hear from my sister at the hospital how my mother was doing after falling and bonking her head.  I needed to leave for my Memorial Day weekend trip, but couldn’t go until I found out what was up, so I thought I may as well do my hem while I was waiting.  Probably not the best idea; I redid it as best I could when I got home.  (And my mother is okay, if a bit more dotty than usual; I suggested she tell everybody that she got in a bar fight and they should see the OTHER little old lady.)

I’m planning to make another version of this top with short sleeves, but that may need to be put off until August.

My other recent finish is the wall quilt, which I had set aside but finally finished yesterday.


The only way I could find to take a pic of the whole thing–binder clips and a bookcase.




You can just barely see it, but there’s a stalk of wheat below the text.  I wanted it to be subtle, and I guess I got that.

To be honest, I had hoped I would love it by this point, but I don’t.  Which is fine, considering it’s not for me.  I hope the recipients do, though.

So, next up on the priority list is the sew-along.  Here’s what we’re making in July:


I love these fabrics!  The yellow is from SCRAP, the flowered from the Goodwill in Newberg, OR, and I think they’re both cotton interlock.

I’ve got several questions about that bodice, so I’m going to make a muslin of it this evening.  I plan to do my dress in a midi length, possibly extend the sleeves a little, and add pockets (because pockets).  I love empire waists and I think this could be a good look for me.

If you’d like to join along, the Facebook group is called Sew-Along Dinner Date Dresses and it’s a very fun and helpful group.  They’re making some really gorgeous (and challenging) Vogue dresses, so they’re acquiring some pretty great skills.  I only wish more of those great patterns were suitable for the waist-free (Vogue 1424–so very cool, so wrong for my shape, sigh).

Have a great Thursday and I hope you’re keeping all your proverbial balls in the air.