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Interesting clouds lit up at sunset (Howard Amon Park, Richland, WA)

Today’s pictures feel like an especially random assortment, but they’re the most memorable ones from the last couple of weeks.


These solicitous parents kept steering the fam over to the banks of the river so the little ones could eat the grass there.  I’m wondering what kind of goose that is at the center rear of the photo; not our usual Canada Geese or Snow Geese (this photo is also from my walk in Howard Amon Park).


The west side of the state was its usual leafy green.  This was taken on the University of Washington campus.


Some nifty details on the Henry Gallery on the UW campus.  This very retro looking building was built in 1996.


Some of the massive old machinery in Gas Works Park.  An unusually warm and sunny day so we were surrounded by many, many bright white people removing as much clothing as possible.


My friend Heidi was a little harrumph-y about the graffiti up near the top of this thing but, honestly, I have nothing but respect for the commitment of anybody willing to get over that fence and climb all the way up there (humans included for scale).


Top of the hill in Gas Works Park.  Obligatory Seattle landmark visible at the right rear.


Detail of the sundial in the park.  I couldn’t get a good shot of the whole thing–it’s pretty big–but it’s very cool with lots of interesting details.  Oh, and it works!


Another fun detail from the sun dial.  There are four of these drains marking the four directions.


Back on the east side of the state, partner and I tried out the new trail up Candy Mountain.  We’re looking down on West Richland here.  Note the contrast of the natural desert landscape (technically, “shrub-steppe”) in foreground (this is probably the greenest it ever gets) and the irrigated land below.

A big thank you, as always, to Natalie of Threads and Bobbins for starting Sunday Sevens and letting us show glimpses of our homes to the world.

Have a very excellent week and I hope you’re finding a little beauty wherever you are.