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(WIP = Work in Progress)

Literally bits and pieces.  I’ve been working every day on the Summit Pack (I’m using this challenge to keep me moving), but it hasn’t felt like I’ve accomplished much.  I just appliquéd the sun onto the front pocket, though, and I’m starting to get excited about the project again.  This is going to be such a cool bag!

And that’s only half the bits so far–here’s the other half:


So many pockets!

Good pattern so far; lots of pictures and descriptions, though I suspect a noob would be quite frustrated by a few of the instructions.  This, for example:  “To make the main zipper cover, take the zipper cover piece (uninterfaced) and fold in half lengthwise with
WST. Press, then topstitch and baste other edges closed.”  Umm . . . topstitch what and baste what?  It took me a minute, but I figured it out.  I would call this an intermediate bag pattern–some bag-making experience would really help here.

The only change I’ve made to the bag construction is to use a rectangle rather than a swivel hook to attach the strap to the bag.  I use a cross-body bag pretty much all the time and never have trouble getting one on and off, so I opted for a little more security rather than the ability to unclip the bag to take it off.

Still plenty more to do on the pack–I just checked and I still have 8 more pieces to go into this thing!  Probably not the best project to take on in my current impatient state of mind.  And, note to self:  replace burned-out bulb in sewing room ceiling fixture soonest–I swear, black corduroy is like a black hole that sucks up all the light in the room and consumes it.

Also, I printed myself a new one of these:


This is a very simple Excel form I made for myself when I was participating in the Finish-Along.  I remembered I had it when I was chatting with this troublemaker and I thought I might use it to list all the projects I’m thinking about for the near future.  Hopefully I’ll worry less about forgetting them and reduce the sensation that my head is going to burst with all the ideas zooming around in it.

So, still plugging away at the organization, the pack, and the binding on the wall quilt.  Hope all your projects are going smoothly and you’re feeling like a sewing god or goddess (which you totally are, let’s be honest here).

Also, here’s another little bit of beauty for you.  This is my current favorite song; a little mournful, but also gorgeous.

Content warning:  contains swears.

Talk to you soon.