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Hey, don’t look so surprised.

(WIP = Work in Progress)

JUST finished the quilting on this.


I put it on the bed for photos, which obviously means it’s a new place for taking naps.


I was hoping to accentuate the illusion of a blue background with the brown/tan rectangles floating on top, but I’m not sure it worked . . . there will be blue binding, which I think will help.  I’ll try to find a place to hang it up for final pictures.


I spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out how to do the quilting for the fewest stops and starts.  Because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?  Problem is, all that accomplished was to make my brain hurt.  I eventually gave up and just started quilting, which was much more pleasant than overthinking.  Note to self:  actually doing things is a lot better–and way more productive, imagine that!–than getting bogged down in devising the perfect plan.


There’s a lot of quilting here, but I’m liking the texture it has now.  Just for comparison, here’s what it looked like before I started on the blue sections:


I suspect all that quilting was a good idea for the batting I used, also, as it tended to tear and lump up.

I did almost all of this quilting on the Kenmore sewing machine, but I’m afraid it is in time out right now.  First it developed a rattle.  Then the rattle became a squeak.  Now that one noise has become several, and I am not at all happy about it.  😦  I opened the machine up and checked; everything looked fine, and I could see still-good lubricant where it seemed like you would need it, but I am not terribly mechanical and am probably missing something obvious.  I switched back to the White briefly, but it’s still having tension problems, so it was back to the Kenmore to finish.

My partner will be gone all weekend on his bike (600k this time), so the plan is to do the binding on this and finally get started on the Summit pack.  I’m going to tinker with the White and see if I can get that tension problem under control.


ETA:  I am (belatedly) linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday because I am a forgetful dork.