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WILDLIFE!  (Well, not all that wild, considering she came out of the tree to beg for food from the people walking by.)

Busy week here, and more busy times ahead!  Plans are being made for spring and summer travels and activities, and there will be a fair bit of both.  Much sewing to be finished first.  Let’s see what’s been happening.


Things are greening up in Columbia Park.  Look how high the Columbia River is here–a few warm days plus rain has led to some flood warnings for the Yakima River.


Yep, over 90 on Thursday, then a spectacular lightning storm that night.


Quilting continues, and I had to get some new marking tools and thread.


Sewing projects continue to multiply at a somewhat alarming rate.  I found this nifty textured blue knit remnant in the stash that I can combine with the yard of cotton/lycra I got the other day.  Picked up some black duck for another cycling cap (oy, this guy and his boring black clothing).  Hunting for fabric for another cycling jersey, too.


Favorite dinner of the week:  Chicken Enchilada Soup.  I obviously need a food stylist to arrange my avocado perfectly for me, but this was delicious.


I swear he doesn’t actually sleep ALL the time–just during the day.  According to my partner, Pooh and Shelby do all their playtime in the middle of the night.  Then they wait just outside the bedroom door for him to get up early in the morning so they can jump on the bed for cuddles with me.

Many thanks to Natalie of Threads and Bobbins for hatching the idea of Sunday Sevens and giving me an excuse to take (even more) cat pictures.

Have a great week, everybody!