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(WIP = Work in Progress)

A bit late this week because I am quilting-crazy at the moment and–I admit it–I chose to work on the wall quilt last night rather than doing my Wednesday blog post.  I have so many ideas swirling in my head at the moment that I am impatient to get this done and move on.  I’ve set myself a goal of finishing the quilt by next weekend; this feels like a LOT more time than I need, which means I might just make it.  😉

I did a lot of obsessing over how to quilt this and decided to do all straight lines, no curves.  It just felt . . . not right, somehow, to do curves on the blue and straight lines on the brown rectangles.  Doing a Google image search for “straight line quilting” gave me the idea to quilt these boxy things on the brown, and I like how it turned out.  I want to emphasize the illusion of the rectangles floating above the blue by quilting lots of lines (number will vary depending on patience) on the blue parts to get them to recede a bit.


Progress has been slowed by running out of tan thread, so will get some more and try to finish all the rectangles today.

And here’s the back, which is also pieced:


That’s the last of the tan flannel there–just evened up the edges and sewed it on.  The blue on the left is the leftovers from a shift dress I made many years ago–mid-90s, maybe?

I’ve also finally interfaced the pieces for the Summit Pack.  Cripes, I haven’t even started sewing this thing and it already feels like a PROJECT–lots of pieces and almost all needed two layers of interfacing.  But the important thing is that we all feast our eyes on just SOME of the fabrics I’m using in this thing.


All the colors!!

Those are two Laurel Burch fabrics, plus the very fabulous batik I bought the other day, and some lightweight purple twill.  There’s also a black pinwale corduroy and some black twill involved.

Here’s a better picture of the batik which actually more or less captures the amazing color in this stuff:



Soon, Summit Pack with glorious batik, soon.

For now, it’s back to the quilt mines for me.  Have an excellent Thursday, everybody.


ETA:  I have linked this post up to Wednesday Wait Loss over at The Inquiring Quilter.