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Funny, that doesn’t look like a Summit Pack . . . .

(WIP = Work in Progress)

So, this is how it happened:  I was talking to a friend on Saturday and she was telling me how she’s having some interior decorating quandaries with her new house.  Then we moved on to discussing how we both have too much stuff and I happened to mention that I have all these fabric scraps that I really need to use up by making quilts for everybody I know, such as, for example, making her a wall quilt.  She LOVED this idea and went on to tell me HOW GREAT this would be for her house.

I don’t know her terribly well, so I asked her some questions about what she likes, and here’s what I have:  the area that needs a wall quilt is decorated now in a variety of browns and blues and contains some items they’ve been given as gifts, including some Western art; and her style isn’t really traditional or modern, but a mix of both.  She and her husband are both quiet, somewhat reserved people, with fairly stressful jobs, so I wanted to do something calming and simple.

A sensible person would have finished the two other projects that are cut out and sitting in their plastic bins, waiting for me to put them together.  But all I could think about was that box of brown scraps that I had despaired of ever using and my two drawers of blue scraps that would go SO WELL with those browns.

So I started work on it on Monday and the top is almost finished.


Just two blocks left to do on that bottom row.  Sorry about the lousy nighttime photo.

This is a free pattern from Moda called Cartwheels, and it’s a good one if you need to bang out a quilt in a hurry.  If you use the suggested jelly roll and cream background, you could probably get this top done in an afternoon.  Since I’m using a variety of fabrics and cutting as I go, it’s taking a bit longer.

I like the optical illusion in this pattern of the brown rectangles floating on top of the blue, but it does mean that you have to get at least a couple of rows done before you can assess whether it’s working.  I finished the first row on this and hated it; after the second, I hated it a bit less.  And I didn’t really get the floating effect until I saw this photo, taken while standing on a chair.

This quilt really isn’t my style, but I think it’s going to work very well once I get it quilted and bound.  It has a warmth and hominess to it, and is definitely a mix of traditional and modern.  Right now I’m thinking about a blue binding, and I might have enough of one of the blues for a backing.  As for the quilting, I’ve seen a swirly design in one of my books that would enhance the motion of the blue cartwheels, and maybe some sort of straight line quilting in the brown blocks?

I’m off and running after that squirrel . . . .