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They look a little wonky, but they were delicious.

Time for another edition of Sunday Sevens, a bit late this week, as I was busy with other things on Sunday–cooking, sewing, general life activities.

We don’t usually do much for Easter–my partner is not a big Holiday Person, and I have about twelve other things I’d rather be doing at any given moment than putting up or taking down decorations–but I do like to make Hot Cross Buns for us.  It’s a fun little childhood flashback for the Brit in the house, and I like them, too.  This year, I decided to shake things up a little and make these Hot Cross Biscuits (they’re really scones), with some added Mixed Spice to make them a little more traditional.  Yummy.

Also enjoyed the label on the pork loin I cooked.  Who knew Fred Meyer grocery store was so judgy about their meat?


I’m finishing up the Sew Together Bag, but I also cut out the Cloudsplitter Summit Pack in the hope of making it this week.  After spending all afternoon just cutting fabric, I think that might be a bit optimistic.


Just to complicate matters, I found this fabulous batik at Joann’s when I went to get the foam for the bag.  I fell in love with it and had to revise my whole plan for the bag.


Another meal from this week.  My spring allergies have hit and I haven’t wanted to eat anything but carby things, but I got some roasted veg and chicken sausage in there, too.


My herbs are coming up!


And the best news of all–we have our reservations for our trip to London this summer!  Partner is doing the London-Edinburgh-London ride again (while I go check out fabric stores!) and we have time before and after to do some exploring.


As always, a big thanks to Natalie of Threads and Bobbins for starting Sunday Sevens and giving us an excuse to take lots of random food photos.

Have a great week, everybody, and I hope you’ve got some wonderful things to look forward to.