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Today needs a lot of pretty colors, I’ve decided.

(WIP = work in progress)

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m suddenly in the midst of about 12 projects here.   And my sewing room–even AFTER this morning’s clean-up–looks it.  I did actually finish a thing, though, so let’s take a look at that first.

This project was the result of a happy convergence between this situation . . .


. . . and the new fat quarters that I won recently.

I’m a little bit picky about oven mitts (as you get about things that you use all the time) and this one was my favorite because it was wider than most (so it fit my weird wide hands) and it had that handy metal ring on it so that I could sling it back up on its hook with one hand.  So I decided to make a couple of new mitts with these same features.

I used the mitt pattern here, but widened it a bit.  For the padding, I used a layer of Insul-Bright and one of thin cotton batting, as the Insul-Bright instructions recommended.


Are these fabrics fun or what?

These were a bit challenging to quilt, what with all the layers in there, but I do like how the extra batting makes the quilting show up.  Can’t vouch for their ability to protect my hands from heat, though, as I haven’t used them yet (poor planning on my part!)


The blue fabric I used for the lining, binding, and loops came from the stash.

I didn’t have the patience to bind the raw seam allowances, but I’m thinking oven mitts don’t get washed all that often, anyway.  They’re wide enough that if I need to re-sew the seams later, I’ll be able to do it.

Let’s see, what else am I planning?

Well, there’s the Sew Together Bag, which I have been lusting after for a while (don’t judge).  I actually purchased the pattern at full price–such is the depth of my desire.  😉

I’ve got this long-term goal of paring down the amount of stuff I bring with me when I travel, and I’m thinking this bag might be a good way of organizing my toiletries.  I need it to coordinate with the three travel bags I use regularly–travel is no excuse for not being FABULOUS, my darlings–so I’m planning to make the exterior a patchwork of various olive-y, sage-y greens.

I’m having a hard time judging whether this bag will actually be big enough, so I want to try it out on our next weekend away in a couple of weeks.


Just some of the green scraps I’ve pulled out of the stash for this.

There’s also the Cloudsplitter Summit Pack, which I bought back in November, also for travel.  This is going to have a Laurel Burch applique on the outside pocket and use various stash fabrics for the rest of it.  I have a feeling this is going to be very purple.


I’ve also cut out the blue McCall’s 7571 blouse I mentioned earlier.  And some progress has been made on Mending Mountain–the things that just needed quick repairs are done, and now I need to take a couple of “before” pictures and get to work on my refashioning projects.

That’s not actually all of the things in the works here, but it’s probably enough for one post.  😉  I hope you have an excellent Wednesday with plenty of color.