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Spring is the time for doing something silly, right?

I freely admit that I get a little nutty (well, nuttier) when the weather starts to warm up and things start greening up.  The sun comes out and they start to put out all that pastel springy stuff in stores and I get overwhelmed by the thought of soft yellow chicks and little fluffy bunnies and lavender Easter eggs and green grass and warm sun and daffodils and irises and . . . I wind up buying something ridiculous and pink that I will never wear.

I’d like to think this project is a slightly more sensible and grown-up version of that.  ALL the colors, but also the colors I love to wear (i.e., not pastels), plus it’s warm, which is a good thing, as it’s not even really spring here.

I bought this fleece the other day when I was at Joann’s to get flannel on sale for my niece’s new baby quilt.  (I brought my mother with me, just so she could get out of the house, and OY please remind me to never do that again.  She’s like the chorus in a Greek play that tells you how everything you’re doing is going to go horribly wrong.)  The fleece was also on sale, and I got a further discount for buying the last of the bolt, so it wound up being about five bucks for 1 1/2 yards.  My big spring splurge.  😉

I wanted a simple sweatshirt-y sort of shape to show off the fabric, and found this pattern:


The pattern is actually for wovens, but my fleece doesn’t have a ton of stretch, so I cut the size that gave me a couple of inches of ease at the waist and hips.


Hard to see here, but this has bust darts.


This is view B–a bit longer in the back and a curved hem.


I was 1/4 of a yard short on fabric, so the back is about 1″ shorter than the pattern, which was fine with me.

I don’t like bottom bands or sleeve bands on tops, so I didn’t use them on this.  I didn’t really need the extra hip space, but I added vents on the sides, just because I wanted a boxy sort of look.


This rib knit is from the stash, and it’s the only part of the project I’m not happy with–it got sort of crinkly in the wash, and I’m not crazy about the way it sticks out.  I think I’m going to wait until fleece season is over and redo it. A smooth knit and half the width, I’m thinking . . . .


Cap’n, she’s starting to list!  We’re taking on water!

So, definitely happy with this one, and I’ve been wearing it pretty much constantly since I finished it.  I’m also thinking, though, that this pattern has a lot of potential.  It’s basically a tee shirt, and it fits better than any other tee pattern I’ve tried; with changes to the neckline and sleeve length, you could get a lot of different looks from this.  The other thing I like about the pattern is that it only requires 1 1/2 yards of (60″ wide) fabric for my size (even less if I do short sleeves), so I’m hoping it will help me use up some stash.

Fair warning:  spring also tends to bring on an organizing and stash-busting frenzy around here.  I’ve got some new plastic bins and I feel a spreadsheet coming on . . . .