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Don’t these owls deserve better than bad puns?

This project is a bit of a switch for me–imagine, me sewing a recently-released pattern made with a fabric that’s actually available in stores right now!  Almost like a real sewing blogger!

Don’t worry.  It won’t happen again.

Anyway, this is the Named Patterns Saunio Cardigan, which I won recently in a Facebook sewing group giveaway.  The soft, drapey owl fabric was a remnant (5/8 of a yard) found at WalMart; since there was so little of it, I used another remnant (3/4 of a yard) for the sleeves and some black mystery knit from the stash for the facings.


I usually wear this with a black turtleneck, but I’ve got a charcoal one on here so that you can hopefully see the detail better.

Strictly speaking, this pattern does not come in my size (though Named does have some patterns that go up to larger sizes), but it’s meant to be a bit oversized, so I figured I could make it work.  I added about half an inch to the sides of the front and back, starting below the bust, and that was plenty.

In reading reviews of the pattern, I had run across complaints that the sleeves run a little narrow, so I also added half an inch to each side of the sleeve pieces starting about half way down, and an inch to the length of the sleeves.  Good thing I did–the sleeves are JUST wide enough and JUST long enough, so I didn’t hem them.  If you made this pattern out of the recommended stretchy sweater knit, the sleeves would probably be fine as is, but nobody who’s blogged about it seems to be doing that, and my black fleece has very little stretch.


I’m contemplating adding some loops and buttons on the front . . . black elastic for the loops maybe?  Would love some suggestions if you have them.

Also, this is a pretty short cardigan, so I added a couple of inches to the length.

And will you take a look at this happy accident?


The front almost-kinda-sorta matches, simply because I had so little fabric.  I didn’t plan it–honestly, pattern-matching never even occurs to me–but I had to put the front pattern piece right on the fold of the fabric to get it to fit, then I cut down the fold to separate the two fronts.  With the 3/8″ seam allowance specified in the instructions, I got pretty close to matching the pattern on the front.

These cheerful little owls have been such a fun thing to wear the last few weeks!  I’ve really been enjoying them, as it’s been less cold, but still plenty dreary here.  February requires warm, colorful things to cuddle up in, that’s for sure.

Also, I wanted to give you a little preview of another project I’ve been working on.  I just happen to have all these fleece scraps hanging around, so I put them to use so that Pooh could have a better pad for his favorite sewing room windowsill.  So far, the most challenging part of this project has been getting it away from him so I can work on it.  Here, it’s just two layers of pieced fleece.


And here it is with the batting sandwiched in the middle.


He even came back in the evening for another nap on it.


I’m hoping to get the binding on it tonight, if I can.  Fleece fun continues!