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Current coping mechanism:  brightly-colored fleece remnants.

While I spend the afternoon ignoring today’s sportsball event, I thought maybe I would drop in here and show you some pictures of what I’ve been sewing.

First, there’s this blouse, made for the Ridiculous Prints Sew-Along over in the Facebook Sew-Alongs & Sewing Contests group.  Pattern is Butterick 6177.


Everything used to make this was from the stash, as I was snowed in at the time.


This is a cotton or cotton/poly shirting, bought many years ago.


The collar’s my favorite part of this.

This pattern is another little step outside my fashion comfort zone, but I really like how the blouse turned out. There’s just something about this shape that’s fun to wear.  It fits well through the shoulders and bust, but then there’s the swirly stuff around the hips that’s just fun–it’s a little like wearing a circle skirt. Feels swishy and a little girly, but also tailored, which is a combination that really fits me.  Drapey fabric, that nifty, crisp little collar, and lemons, too!

The only part of this blouse I’m not crazy about is this business here:


The outer blouse has this weird little boxy shape at the ends, which I’m not really sold on.  I haven’t worn this out and about yet (I’m pretty much wearing nothing but fleece right now, as anything else isn’t warm enough), but after I road-test this, I might sew straight down to the point at the lower left and cut off the box.  We’ll see.

I’ve also been working on the baby quilt I was commissioned to make, but it’s a bit boring, so I took a break to whip this up:


My new best friend.

Somebody in one of my Facebook sewing groups linked to this tutorial for a microwaveable shoulder wrap, and I knew immediately this was a thing I needed to have.  You may recognize the fabric as part of the comforter cover I got at Goodwill last summer.  It’s soft and colorful and I have a hell of a lot of it, so it was perfect for this.  A bike wheel turned out to be just the right size for the pattern, and I used the base of a coffee carafe for the center.

My excuse for making it was to help ease the tension I tend to hold in my shoulders.  I don’t know that it really helps with that, but it is lovely and warm.  🙂

And then there’s the owl fleece.


I had SWORN I was done with piecing fleece, but then I happened to find this remnant at Wal-Mart and couldn’t resist.  (Yeah, I know, Wal-Mart, but I take my mother to get groceries every week, and Wal-Mart is the only store she’ll go to.)  Then I took her again the next week, and there was a remnant–almost a full yard–of black fleece to go with it.  So it’s fate, obviously, right?

I wanted to try a different style with this one, so I’m making the Named Patterns Saunio Cardigan, one of the free patterns I won recently.  This cardigan is going to run me about four bucks.  🙂

Loving all my brightly-colored fabrics right now when things are all white and gray here.  Partner and I were supposed to go to the Portland area this weekend for one of his bike rides, but getting there requires going through the Columbia Gorge, and the weather has been ugly down there.  Next weekend, we’re planning to go to Seattle for the annual Bike Swap, but the weather outlook isn’t good for that, either.  I’m feeling pretty whiny about things right now, but at least I have my lovely fabrics to cheer me up.

Off to finish that cardigan and dream of spring.