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Banks of the Columbia River on a warm late-summer evening . . . good place to ponder what to sew.

I have this terrible conflict when it comes to making sewing plans.

On the one hand, I want to be free!  Free to follow my muse wherever she leads!  I am a feather on the breeze!  Etc., etc.

On the other hand, I really like sewing with other people, even if only online.  Sewing is usually such a solitary thing, and it’s so fun to do it with a supportive group for a change.

I’m a member of several sewing groups on Facebook and one of them is hosting a sew-along with the theme “destination.”  You make 8 items (one of them can be an accessory) between August 15 and December 15 and post them in an album in the group.  Your destination can be a real place you’re going to, an imaginary place, somewhere you’d like to go, whatever.

I thought I might give it a try.  I’m really feeling these days as if I’m turning a corner in my life.  I’ve had a pretty lousy couple of years, and I’m working on making things better.  As I’m hoping to be employed soon, I’m going to need some new work clothes, as well as some things for hiking and walking outside in the cold.  And I really, really need to keep my energy and momentum going.  I need to be excited about the future I’m working toward because, you know, this is all really DAMN HARD WORK.

So, off we go, destination:  Healthy and Happy!

In no particular order, here are my planned sewing projects:

  • Circle skirt.  I taught my circle skirt class last Saturday at SCRAP and worked on this in the class.  It’s some synthetic mystery fabric with a nice brushed finish to it.  Love the colors!


  • Black jumper.  I keep promising to make this and it doesn’t happen.  This time it will.  The fabric is a lightweight denim with a bit of stretch.


  • Brown flannel shirt.  I got this flannel from the Goodwill in Newburg, OR, last spring.  2 yards for $1.99.  I normally despise brown, but the colors in this are so pretty and I love the folk art-y style of it.  I cut this out last Sunday and was short on fabric, so I used some of this green flannel as well.  I’m doing view A.


  • Denim shirtdress.  I got this fabric from SCRAP with the intention of making an overalls-type dress, but I reconsidered and decided to make something a bit less cutesy and more work-appropriate.  I’ve used this shirtdress pattern before and it was a winner, so I’m trying it again with this lightweight embroidered denim.


  • Red vest.  This is the leftover stretchy fleece from the cycling jersey I made for my partner a few years ago.  The pattern is from SCRAP.  Still undecided on the lining, but the current front runner is a white cotton jacquard from the stash.  I’m thinking it needs snowflake appliques, too.


  • Fleece hoodie.  Is this fabric great or what?  It’s a remnant from SCRAP, so it’s going to be combined with some other remnants to make the hoodie.


  • Purple vest.  I haven’t decided which of these fabrics to use, but I’m leaning toward the purple tweedy stuff.  Both are mystery synthetic remnants from SCRAP and whichever one I choose will be paired with this black fabric (poly/rayon, I think) from the stash.


  • Black turtleneck tunic.  To be worn with the vest and lots of other things.  Fabric is a nice cotton knit I found at SCRAP last Thursday; there’s enough of it to also make a cardigan, if I can find a pattern I like.  The T-neck pattern is from SCRAP, too.


  • Maroon dress.  I don’t know if this style will work on me, but I love the cool modern look of it.  The fabric was a lovely surprise–I bought it years ago for making bags and had no idea I had nearly 3 yards left.  It’s the thickest, softest corduroy you ever saw in your life.


Here’s a better picture of the fabric.



So, that’s 9 projects (10, if you count the black knit cardigan) and I only need 8 for the sew-along, so I have a little flexibility.  I am not a fast sewer, and some of these will be somewhat complex, so this is pretty ambitious for me.  Even if I don’t finish, though, I expect to come out of it with some sharp new clothes.

As of right now, I have the circle skirt hanging up while I decide whether or not to hem it.  The brown flannel shirt and denim dress are cut out and ready to sew; I think I’m going to get going on the latter, as it’s about 95F here and I can wear it right away.

I leave you with a picture of Shelby demonstrating the proper use of a scrap of embroidered denim that your mom has given you to play with.


Off to sew.  Have a great weekend, all!