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Have you been outside today?  Well, have you?  [wags finger in your direction]

I thought I should probably check in and let you know what I’ve been up to this month.

July has definitely been a better month here, and progress has been made in many areas.  So there’s that.  😉

I’ll tell you right now what’s been keeping me from posting here, though.  It’s this:



It’s the fact that I’m a very orderly, step-by-step sort of person, and this is the next thing in the blogging queue, and it’s just very . . . umm . . . yeah.

The pictures are gawdawful, to tell you the truth, and I suspect that this style in this fabric just may not be a good idea with my current menopausal-shaped self.  I’ll try again to take pics and post on it, because even if I wind up disassembling the skirt and using it for parts, I still learned a bit doing it.  The new techniques I used will show up again in something else, definitely.

I’ve been working on other things, though!  A gift just got finished last night and I’m pretty happy with it, so that will get posted as soon as it is in the recipient’s hands.

I’ve also been working on these:


Unpaper towels!  I’ve got 19 of these almost finished and they are so cute!  I basically dug out all the flannels I had (including an old flannel sheet that had some usable parts), found a bunch of cottons to coordinate with them, and sewed them up.  I didn’t have snaps, and I don’t much like using Velcro, so I’m using buttons.  I have no shortage of 1/2″ buttons, so it’s time to use them up.  And I really, really like the idea of taking all these fun, colorful scraps out of their boxes and having them in the kitchen to use and enjoy every day.

Next project is going to be something fun from this cool fabric:


Enough with my inner preppy person, time to let the inner hippie come out for a bit, I think.

And this happened.


Yep, the other knee says “YES.”  I can’t tell you how many times this has cracked me up over the last few days.

My honey had his surgery last Thursday and he is doing super well–his knee already feels better than before the surgery.  He’s happy, so I’m happy.

And I haven’t been getting out for walks as often as I should be–that nag at the top of the post was more for me than for you–but I’ve got some pics from Chiawana Park the other day.  Lovely day and nice walk, though I managed to come out of it with both an allergy attack and a Rosacea flare-up (read:  maximum itch and drip).


I went to investigate this little path into the trees . . . .


Cool and shady in there.


I was tempted, but decided not to crawl in here.


A little bit of cute for ya.

Have a great day, everybody.  Talk to you soon.