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I participated in the Friday Night With Friends event last Friday.  After the stressful week I had, it was so nice to empty my head of all my worries and just sit and sew!

Here’s what I worked on:


This is a project that’s been cooking away in my head for a while.  I have this problem, you see; I’m in LOVE with the Kelly skirt from Megan Nielsen.  Those box pleats.  Angled front pockets.  Buttons down the front.  Sigh.  I have this inner preppy person that gets all tingly about these sorts of features in a skirt.  (Yes, I have an inner bohemian, too–it gets crowded in there sometimes.)

This is a problem because the Kelly skirt does not come in my size.  And, frankly, I’m not going to spend $13 on a pattern that I have to grade up.  So I bought the Vogue pattern on the left from an Etsy seller a while ago in what I thought was my size.  I actually have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this, however, since it isn’t my size either.  😦  So, on to problem #2:  I am a dork.

On a happier note, though, look at that fun striped fabric up there.  After one of my doctor’s appointments recently, I decided I needed a reward, so I stopped in at the Goodwill on my way home.  That striped fabric was the brightest, most cheerful thing in the linen section, so I bought it, even though $4.99 seemed a little bit steep for what I thought was a tablecloth.  When I got it home, though, I discovered it was a Tommy Hilfiger full-size comforter cover–that’s a lot of fabric for $4.99!

So I’ve been working on the happiest, most summery skirt you ever imagined.  Waistband is on, but not finished yet; tomorrow’s task is to find some buttons for it.


Hope to have the skirt done this week.  Construction details to come . . . .