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A little bit chef-y, but that’s not a bad thing.

I’m not the poetic type–okay, I’m pretty much the opposite of the poetic type, if I’m honest about it–but this fabric, with its green and pink and brown, makes me think of sunlight filtering through trees covered in pink flowers.

I think I bought this fabric on my first trip to SCRAP when they opened a year ago.  I wasn’t too sure about the color combination, but the fabric was obviously a good-quality batik, and there were two yards of it, so I grabbed it.  Batik for $3 a yard is a no-brainer.  I picked up the pattern at SCRAP just recently when they were inundated with donated patterns and I volunteered to see if I could help with that problem.  😉


See the little stems on the flowers?

I couldn’t find many reviews of this pattern, and none that said much about the fit of it, so I did a quick muslin of the just the top half of the blouse, as that part is more fitted and I’ve occasionally had problems with my back being a bit broad for blouses.  Using my measurements (no measurements of the finished blouse are given–HARRUMPH) produced a muslin that fit just fine, so I cut into my batik.

I was 1/2 a yard short on fabric, and not very optimistic I would have enough, but I was able to make it work.  After cutting the main pieces, the resulting scraps were so small that I had to piece the collar facing, but I did it!


Sorry about the focus–bleh.

Other than cutting off the sleeves at 3/4 length, cutting a few inches off the bottom, and omitting the pockets, I didn’t alter the pattern at all.

The instructions on the pattern were about standard for a Big 4 pattern, though there were relatively few illustrations and the ones that were there tended to show the easier steps, not the more complex ones.  So if you’re one of those visual folks who ignore instructions, this may not be a great pattern for you.  And I searched and searched the instructions, but couldn’t find any mention of what the seam allowance should be!  I crossed my fingers and used 5/8″ and it worked out fine.

I tend to like sexier buttons, but with all that sunlight-on-flowers business happening, I opted for plain tan ones on this.


I wore the blouse the other day to SCRAP’s first anniversary celebration and I really felt good in it.  This pattern would be really lovely in something like rayon challis–that would give you that nice drapey look shown on the pattern envelope–but it was also great in the batik.  My fabric is a little crisp, but not stiff, so it feels very comfortable to wear and doesn’t crease like crazy, as some batiks do.  I wore the blouse with tan capris and some gold and copper colored dangly earrings and I felt pretty.  Smartly dressed and comfy, but not overly dressed up–and I got a few compliments, too.  I like it.  😉