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Columbia Park–fishing pond is behind me, Blue Bridge to Pasco just visible on the right.

Make-A-List Monday is an idea that I borrowed from Sarah Craig over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and I thank her for inspiring me to try it!

The week has been something of a mixed bag, productivity-wise.  Let’s see how I did on last week’s list.

  • Make a tote bag for SCRAP.

Done!  Took much longer than anticipated, though.

Here’s what I started with, a Fabric Pack consisting of a focal piece (an embroidery sampler, in this case) and some coordinating fabric scraps:  some dark brown wool suiting, green polyester felt, yellow and white striped cotton, gold synthetic drapery-type fabric, blue stretchy nylon (yuck), pink cotton knit, green and white striped cotton with animals on it, some yellow and white fabric ribbon, two blue flannel quilt blocks, and about half a yard of pink cotton with lighter pink stripes.  My goal was to use at least a little of everything, but what a motley assortment of stuff!


And here’s what I came up with.


I washed everything first–I never make bags that aren’t washable, so all the components had to be–then cut the sampler in half and trimmed the halves to be even.  The gold drapery fabric was already cut in strips, so the wider one became the bottom and sides, and the thinner one became the handles.  The pink stripe was the only big piece I had, so that became the lining, and I set the pink knit aside for the bottle holder.  All the other scraps were cut into 1″ strips and pieced together.

The quilt blocks–just two layers of flannel sewn together–became the pockets and were bound with leftover strips of the pink stripe.  (The colors are a bit wonky here; the pink is more accurate in the other photos.)


The bottle holder came out so cute!  This is two layers of cotton knit, with the ribbon used to cinch it tight.  The stretch in the fabric is side to side so it won’t droop.  I am definitely going to use this idea again!


The only supplies I used from the stash were thread and a little bit of white cotton that I cut into strips and used to stabilize the blue nylon and make it opaque.

This was a fun project!  It was an interesting challenge, trying to get all those different fabrics to work together, some of them fabrics I’d never normally use.  I think in some ways I chose the safest possible project for these materials, partly because I am planning to use this as advertising, so I wanted it to be appealing to lots of different people; I’d be very interested to see what somebody with a different crafting background than mine could come up with to combine them.

  • Make the skirt. 

Hmmm, well, yeah, about that . . . .

This is a bit of a mystery, but it appears the skirt is too small.  The pattern is meant for woven fabrics, but I used a knit, and cut the size that corresponded to my hip measurement.  And somehow it’s too small?  What?  A Big 4 pattern cut to your measurements and it’s too small–when does that ever happen?

Given the style–it’s basically a big rectangle of fabric that you wrap around and button–I could probably just sew a strip onto it to make it long enough.  At this point, I’m not sure I want to expend the effort.  I’m going to ponder that, but I’m onto my next obsession at this point (more on that later!)

  • Finish the cat scratcher.

Sigh.  Nope, haven’t had time to work on it.

I think I’m going to skip making a list for this week.  Partner and I are headed to Oregon again this weekend (600k bike ride for him, exploration of those amazing Oregon parks for me!) and won’t be back until Monday afternoon.  And there won’t be much time for crafting before then; if I do find some, it will be spent on the scratcher.

Hopefully, I’ll be back next week with some fantastically GREEN park pictures for you, but until then, here’s a pic of Shelby with her new friend.  This gray cat has been coming by in the evenings, and the two of them sit together for a while until she goes home.  Every once in a while, one of them will hiss at the other in the laziest, least-threatening manner possible, the other one will ignore it, and then they’ll go back to sitting quietly together.

This picture is from a few days ago.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get one this evening when Shelby was rolling around on her back with her friend there.  It seems that the friendship is progressing.  😉


Have a great week, everybody!