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Took a frosty walk on Bateman Island on Saturday

(Make-A-List Monday is an idea that I borrowed from Sarah Craig over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and I thank her for inspiring me to try it!)

Okay, so last week was supposed to be my organization/administration week?

I’ve now decided I much prefer sewing weeks to organization/administration weeks.

I was really fighting my natural tendency toward procrastination, but I did it, because, to be honest, I didn’t want to have to write a bunch of lame excuses in this post.

So let’s see how I did.


  1.  Do a blog post on the Willara tunic.

Done!  Post is here.

2.  Link up finishes to the 2015 Finish-Along–6 finishes out of 10!


(No word yet on winners for the prizes, though.  I did all that work and now I want a cookie, dammit!)

3.   Do a post for the 2016 Finish-Along.

Done!  Post is here.  And I cannot tell you guys how happy I am to be making progress on getting some of these seriously ancient UFOs done.  I like the mix of old and new projects on my list.

4.  Deal with another pile of mending.

Oy.  Done (okay, all except for one sweater that I need to find a button for).  Bleh.

5.  Reorganize this corner of my sewing room/office/world headquarters.

Done!  All clean and organized and lovely!  And I went through all my craft books and craft ideas torn out of magazines and weeded out all the junk–a bag of books is going to SCRAP and two bags of paper are getting recycled.

Here’s the before:


And the after:


I’m still fine-tuning where I’ve got things, but at least the crap I don’t use is gone and the huge pile of filing on the right is put away.

So, the goals for this coming week.

  1.  Put the damn button on the last damn item of mending.  Dammit.
  2.   Make the boxes for my desk drawers and get all the stuff in there.
  3.   Finish the cross-stitch clock.  The more I think about how old that is, the more I want it done!
  4.   Check the fit on the wool jacket and cut out the lining.  I’m a little bit nervous about dealing with the silk and making the lining, so I’m just thinking about it one little step at a time.

Okay, I think that’s enough to keep me busy this week.

Have a great week, everybody!