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Another shot of Wood Memorial Park in Portland, OR

(Make-A-List Monday is an idea that I borrowed from Sarah Craig over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and I thank her for inspiring me to try it!)

Busy week!

How did I do on my goals?

  1.  Make food gifts.

Done, though I also decided to cut back on the number of things I gifted.  There were so many sweets around that it seemed a little bit excessive to make more as gifts.  (It’s currently three days after Xmas and we’ve still got cake, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and various types of candy in the house, so I think I made the right choice.)

2.  Make two final sewn gifts. 

Done!  Used the leftover fabric from the famous cycling jacket to make a new messenger bag for my partner.


As you can see, the cats are quite excited about the project.


I used this tutorial and sized the bag up a bit.  Partner wanted no internal pockets, just the one under the flap on the front, and a little bit of hook-and-loop tape as a fastener.  Quick and easy.  Love the lining fabric–that was from the stash.

I’m a little bit tempted to make one for me with all those cool pockets she has in the tutorial (read:  OH LOOK A SHINY OBJECT).

I also made a fabric box to hold a bag of homemade granola to give to my mother.  Forgot to get a picture of that one–hey, I finished it at 9:00 p.m. on Xmas eve, and I was very ready for bed by that point–but here’s a picture of the other homemade gifts I made.  The only one you haven’t seen before is the trash bag on the left, which was for my honey’s new car.  I really need to make one of these for me!



3.  Figure out walking feet and darning feet so that Santa can bring them for me.

Done, but not actually until today!  I realized a couple of days before Xmas that I had everybody else’s presents underway except for mine.  😛

I wasn’t at all sure what kind to get for my machine, but Sewing Parts Online offered a reasonably-priced walking foot and darning foot that are guaranteed to fit.  Sold.

4.  After Xmas, make muslin of the Willara tunic.

Done!  Actually, I’ve got the muslin done AND the final version about halfway there.  There were complications–do I even need to say that at this point?–but I really like it so far.

Okay, goals for this week:

  1.  Finish the Willara tunic.  I still need to bind the neckline, hand sew the armholes (it’s a long story), and hem the sleeves.
  2.  Make fabric box #3 for the Finish-Along.
  3.  Make my sewing weights for the Finish-Along.
  4.  Make my windowsill pads for the Finish-Along.
  5.  Do end-of-year blog posts (this will be a bigger job than it should be because I am a very large dork and have managed to mess up the photos on most of my old posts, so I’m going to have to sort that out first).  😦

This is probably too much, but I’ll see what I can do.

Have a great week, everybody!


ETA:  I have linked this post up at Finish It Up Friday (yeah, it’s on Monday–just roll with it, is my advice) at crazy mom quilts.