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Taken at the ZooLights event at the Oregon Zoo!

A little late this week–we got home from Portland late yesterday afternoon, and making dinner and unpacking used up what little brain power I had to spare.

We had such a fun weekend, though!  I’m planning to get back to Sunday Sevens this weekend, and I’ll put up some cool pictures from our adventures.

So, let’s see how I did this week.

  1. Get family Xmas presents done.

Done!  Got three small presents ready, then took them with me and finished them in the hotel room while my honey and 12 other crazy people rode their bikes all night long in cold, wet, and windy weather.  I wonder about those guys sometimes.

Here are the two presents I made for my sister, a trash bag for her new car and a mug rug.


If you still need a small, quick gift, I really recommend the trash bag.  The tutorial is pretty basic, but you can change it up very easily to suit the recipient, as I’ve done here with strips from the batik-style fat quarters I got at Tuesday Morning.  I did a QAYG technique, then did French seams when I made the bag.

2.  Get second batch of Xmas cards out in the mail. 

Done!  I actually did this on Saturday morning before we left for Portland and felt like such an overachiever I could barely stand it.

3.  Do better on self-care.

Sigh.  Still not where I want to be on this, but I will continue to work on it.  Maybe I need to put together a daily checklist?  Hmmm . . . .

4.  Do a post on the jacket while I still remember what I did.

Done!  Post is here.

Okay, goals for this week.  Lots to do!

  1.   Make food gifts.  Headed to grocery store shortly for supplies.
  2.   Make two final sewn gifts.  Headed to Joann’s later for more supplies.
  3.  Figure out walking feet and darning feet so that Santa can bring them for me!
  4.   After Xmas, make muslin of the Willara tunic.  I’m still hoping to get a couple more projects on my FAL list finished by the end of the year.

Have a great week, everybody.  If you celebrate Xmas, have a wonderful one.  If not, hang in there; the frenzy will be over soon.

And here’s a little treat, as it’s the time of year for treats.  My favorite Xmas song, one just for us heathens who still love the silly holiday.