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Pooh meditates on list-making (and flannel).

Pretty productive week here!  (For me, that is, not the aforementioned bear.)

Let’s see how I did.


  1. Get holiday cards and presents done and in the mail.

Done!  I spent most of Monday and Tuesday making mug rugs for my partner’s sister and a friend of mine.

Man, there is nothing like having to hand sew binding to bring a “quick project” to a screeching halt.



Those, plus other presents and cards, got sent out on Wednesday.

2.  Get partner’s jacket to the point where it’s ready for lining.

Much to my surprise, this is DONE!  Altering the pattern took way too long on Friday, so the fabric didn’t even get cut until Saturday morning.  Then we went out and bought a car (!!?!) to replace my honey’s elderly Soccer Mom Van, so I didn’t get back to the jacket until the evening.

On Sunday, the Proud New Owner wanted to go for a drive (of course), but I said NO–POCKETS FIRST!

I’m going to do a post on the process when I’m able to get some good pictures, but until then admire this beautiful thing:



I totally want to put these into every sewing project from now on.

3.  Adjust the Willara pattern, then cut out the muslin.

This one was my stretch goal, and I got halfway there.  I did trace the pattern, check the fit, and adjust the neckline so that it (hopefully) doesn’t just fall off my shoulders.  I’ve now set this project aside until after Xmas prep is done, as time is getting short for that stuff.

4.  Keep up with self-care. 

I did okay with this, but more would have been better–longer exercise sessions, more time under the lamp, getting to bed earlier.  I’ll keep working on it.

In general, I’m going to give the weekly list thing a thumbs-up, though.  I’ve always made lots of lists of everything, but doing it publicly is a whole different beast.  It really helped to keep me focused on what I’d written down as my priorities for the week.  My energy was pretty low–my usual wintertime state–but I kept moving forward as much as I could, and it worked!

So, the plan for this week:

  1.  Get family Xmas presents done.  My honey and I are headed to Portland for the weekend (and possibly Seattle after that), so I want to get my small handmade gifts to the point where they only need finishing touches done by hand, then bring them with me for finishing while I’m away from home.
  2.  Get second batch of Xmas cards out in the mail.  I keep remembering more folks that I should send cards to!
  3.   Do better on self-care.
  4.   Do a post on the jacket while I still remember what I did.

Have a productive week, folks!