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Sunday Sevens is a blog series in which we post some pictures from our week to show the non-bloggy business we’ve been up to.  It’s all the fault of Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins and you should totally join in!

Yeah, I tend to run a little bit late but I get there in the end.

Another walk in Columbia Park with my mother this week.  Sunny weather and many, many well-fed geese.


Now here’s something you don’t see every day:  fresh sprouts in the market alongside the last of my mother’s homegrown tomatoes.


Another walk with the MeetUp group on Saturday.  Not much in the way of a trail out here–it’s called the Richland Bend Habitat Management Unit and is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers–but a disturbing number of animal bones.

Hmmm . . . .


(Don’t worry–no pictures of animal bones here.)


Did a big push to get the quilting done on my runner this weekend.  It’s not actually finished, but the end is in sight and all the hard decisions have been made.

I’m SO glad I’m quilting this in two pieces–would’ve been even better in three pieces, but good enough.  And I feel like I’m gradually honing in on the kind of quilting I want to do–I’m interested less and less in traditional designs and colors and more and more attracted to irregular, free-form shapes.  I’ve realized as I’ve worked on quilting this that the runner combines very non-traditional fabrics and colors with very classic-looking blocks, and the farther I get from the traditional, the happier I am with quilting.  The usual super-precision, sharp points, and straight lines are feeling very constraining right now.


I was going to do straight-line quilting on these setting triangles, but the thought felt so . . . straight.  I wanted something softer, more welcoming and tranquil, and nothing feels more welcoming and soothing to me than a flower shaped like a rising sun.


And, finally, not a very exciting picture, but watching this last night reminded me of the good, hopeful things that humans can do.  Very uplifting and positive after the sadness and violence of the past few days.


And, just for fun, here’s Shelby looking like she’s in the middle of a dive.


Have a great week, everybody.