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Sunday Sevens is a blog series–begun by the ever-fabulous Natalie at Threads and Bobbins–where we put up some pictures of our week and chat a bit about what we’ve been doing.  All are welcome to join in!

Lots of outdoorsy pictures this week, as I actually got my lazy ass out for a walk twice!

On Monday, I did an expedition into the further reaches of Zintel Canyon Park, farther than I’m able to go when my mother’s with me.


Love this colorful plant!  Note how black the wood is here; there was at least one fire at the park this past summer.


Have no idea what this tree is, but the combination of the blue berries and red stems is just gorgeous.  Plenty of birds in this park, but they never seem to eat these berries, so I wonder if they’re poisonous.


Look what I made this week.


Instructions are here, though I basically used the idea and ignored the instructions, partly because I didn’t have a functional iron when I made this.

The sweatshirt is from the Eddie Bauer outlet near Portland and I’ve had it in my mending/remake pile for a while now–despite the fact that I looked like a big ol’ fashion DON’T when I wore it–because I love the color and the soft rib-knit fabric.

Removing the bottom band and cuffs made it fit SO much better (seriously, does anybody look good in a sweatshirt with a bottom band?)  I finished the bottom and sleeves with blanket stitch.

I LOVE THIS and plan to wear it every day until Thanksgiving.




On Saturday, my honey and I had a late lunch, then took a walk at Columbia Point in Richland.


Enlarge to see all the colors!


Since the new appliances were delivered, I have cooked SO MANY THINGS.

Here’s Sunday’s dinner:  ham and cheese quiche, herb biscuits, and a salad.


I have so many more pictures from last week’s walks; will throw those up on Flickr later today.

Have a great week, everybody.