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Here it is!  This is the birthday quilt I made for my honey, and I’m really happy with it; I tried some new things, made a first tentative little foray into modern quilting, and gave him something he really likes!


This project started with him mentioning how sterile and colorless his office at work is.  AHA!  Nothing cures sterile and colorless like a quilt!  Then it just happened that I got a Keepsake Quilting catalog in the mail and it seemed like a good opportunity for some intelligence-gathering, if you get my meaning.

We looked through it together, and talked about what we liked and what we didn’t, and both agreed that this quilt was very cool.  Problem is, it was WAY too big for his little space, and too busy for his taste (he tends toward the minimalist).

So my idea was to do something similar, but very simple, small, and in the colors of the rainbow.


I picked up a yard of good-quality white quilting cotton from SCRAP to use as the base and cut an 18″ x 24″ piece from it.  The stripes are fabrics from the stash; I sewed tubes, wrong sides together, pressed them flat with the seam on the center back, and hand-appliqued them on (the Stix quilt pattern has you topstitch, but I wanted a cleaner look).

Some time in the middle of this process, I came across this post on a quilted pillow cover and just loved the great texture and modern look of the quilting on it.  I knew immediately I wanted to use the same technique on my quilt.


The green backing fabric was from the stash, and I thought its modern, abstract look went well with the feeling of the quilt.

To make the quilting easy, I just used the edge of my presser foot as a guide for the quilting.  The lines of stitching are a little over 1/4″ apart.  Now, that sounds like a lot of quilting, but it really wasn’t on this small quilt, and it went very fast since I didn’t have to mark anything.


This was such a fun project!  All the things I love–bright colors, hand applique, small size, quilting without stress.  More small, modern quilts are definitely going to happen in my life.

And he loved it!  He says it’s too nice for his office, so he’s hung it up in his office at home.  🙂

ETA:  this is finish #1 for the 2015 Finish-Along.