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Sunday Sevens is a weekly series in which we share some pictures from our week and yak a bit about what we’ve been up to between blog posts.  See Natalie from Threads and Bobbins for more info.

Just a few photos for you today–it has been a MOST un-photogenic week around these parts.  A lot of time was spent running down boxes for my mother to pack her stuff in for the carpet installation.  Then she discovered that her water heater was leaking, so a day was spent going through the contents of the closet and tearing out moldy carpet.  The whole week has felt like a bit of a struggle, to be honest.

But enough about that, let’s get to the important stuff:  FALL PASTA.  I’m in full fall cooking mode now and wanting all the hearty pastas and soups I’ve been avoiding all summer.  This was a delicious dinner and helped clean out the vegetable bin; I also threw in some Italian sausage, and we both gobbled it down.


I appear to have acquired another project (just what I needed).  I grabbed this wool suiting at SCRAP ($15 for 3 1/2 yards with my volunteer discount!) with the idea of making some sort of cycling jacket for my honey with it.

My initial thought was to surprise him with it for Xmas, but I remembered how particular he is about his cycling clothing–and couldn’t come up with a way of getting his measurements without him noticing–and decided to do it with his input.

He ended up being quite excited by the project and I’ve ordered Kwik Sew 4017 to use as a basis for the jacket.  It’s going to need several changes, though . . . this could turn out to be quite an ambitious project.  Adding zippers to welt pockets–um, there’s gotta be a YouTube tutorial somewhere, right?


On Saturday, my partner and I had planned to take another hike with the MeetUp group, this time up Badger Mountain and IN COSTUME.  Alas, though, the weather turned out to be just ghastly–rain showers and wind of 30 miles per hour–so we decided to skip it.  That left time for sewing, though.

I’ve been stuck on the next step of my Cozy Afternoon table runner, as I was a little intimidated by doing setting triangles for the first time.  I set a goal to have the top done by the end of the week, though, so I finally pushed myself to work on it on Saturday.  It’s been slow going with all kinds of problems–triangles too small, fabric shortages, etc., etc.–but I got the sashing on and the whole thing pieced together.

Here’s part of it before I got it sewed together:


That’s just part of it, because this sucker is HUGE.  My table is 6 feet long, and the runner hangs over the edges.  The top is in two pieces now, and I think I’m going to try to QAYG so that quilting it is less of a wrestling match.

The good news, though, is that the farther I get on it, the more I like it.  I just love those colors against the wood of the table, and I think the finished runner is going to be beautiful.

Plans for this week:  get outside, now that the wind has finally died down.  Appliance shopping, as in addition to my mother’s water heater, our stove also met its maker and our microwave is on its way out as well.  Oh, and my iron died today, too.

On the bright side, I plan to make myself a turkey tee this week.  Because I just happen to have a happy yellow sweatshirt that I’ve been meaning to refashion and happy yellow is exactly what I need right now.

Have a great week, everybody.