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You guys, I’ve got PILES of halfway-done projects around here, and I’m starting to get annoyed about it.  I have some in my overflowing WIP box, and then there are the ones in my mending pile, and the pile next to my sewing machine, and some stuffed into the closet . . . .

Which wouldn’t be such a problem, except that the STH Sewing Hut / Office / Exercise Studio / Cat Storage Area is NOT a huge space.  It’s a teeny-weeny little spare bedroom that’s already pretty full with two desks, a big dresser, and lots of plastic bins full of scraps.

Time for a Finish Along!  I just happened to come across this quarterly Finish Along a few days after it started, and I thought it might help me to get some things done if I were lured along with the promise of PRIZES.

So here’s my list of the WIPs I want to finish sooner rather than later (picture-heavy!):

  1.  Birthday present for my honey, deadline 10/24.  Needs binding and label.  #1 because it’s the only one with a deadline.


2.  My very-autumnal fleece jacket from last spring still needs these big snaps sewn on.  Fairly high priority because the weather’s going to cool off soon.


3.  Shark glasses case–needs zipper redone, eyes added.


4.  Flannel wall quilt–don’t remember when I started this, but I suspect I lost my nerve when it came time to quilt it; it’s been in the Dresser of Shame for years.  All sandwiched and ready to quilt.


5.  Cozy Afternoon BOM–finishing instructions will be e-mailed out on 10/13 and will hopefully help me figure out how to do setting triangles so that I can turn this into a table runner.


6.  Willara tunic–I want to try this very cool tunic pattern in the super-soft rayon challis my mother gave me.  Should probably do a muslin first, as the neckline could be a problem for shoulder-free me, and there’s also the little issue of the pattern being designed for knits.  But I’m SO excited about this one!


7.  Fabric box #3–need to use some more of my Mary Engelbreit sewing-themed fabric to make another box for my purse hardware collection / mess.  Boxes #1 and #2 also need some hand-stitching to make them look a little neater.


8.  Pattern weights–started these recently, then got distracted by purple sharks and other pretty things.  Need to finish sewing and fill with rice.  Thank goodness I just happen to have close to 10 pounds of white rice that I bought for the Class That Wasn’t.  I could wind up with a LOT of pattern weights.


9.  Window cushions–this olive green flannel sheet that’s got some worn spots needs to get turned into some thin cushions for the wide windowsills where the Cat Posse spends most of their time.  Simple rectangles with some quilt batting between them and ties to hold the batting in place.  The things I do for those spoiled cats!


10.  The black jumper (“pinafore” in the UK?)–I’ve been wanting to make this for at least a year.  I finally found the fabric I wanted and bought it as a birthday present for myself last August.  It’s a very lightweight black denim with a little stretch.  The plan is to make the red version in the picture, layer it with blouses and turtlenecks, and wear it with necklaces from my VAST collection.  I have so many necklaces that I’ve never worn because all my clothes are too colorful to show them off properly.


Whew!  That seems like a lot, though some of them will be quick to do.  I tend to really dislike sewing plans–and completely ignore them when actually choosing what to make–but these are all things I really want to sew.  I’m basically just writing down the list I’ve been carrying around in my head.  I’m also resolving not to beat myself up over this; these are just ideas, not assignments.  I’ve got enough here that I should be able to find something on the list that I’m excited about so that sewing doesn’t feel like a chore.

We’ll see how it goes, anyway.  If I get half of these done, I’ll consider it a win.

If I get them ALL done, I’ve got at least two more quilt UFOs in the dresser.  Oh, and then there are holiday presents, which I’m going to have to start figuring out soon.  YIKES–so much to sew!